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  • »... Northside Jam - Tue 28 April - Beginners 6:30pm - Jam 7pm
  • »... Paper Moon Music Jam- Sunday 3 May 12:30pm - 2:30pm
  • »... Coorparoo Jam - Wed 6 May - Beginners 6:30pm - Jam 7pm
  • »... Toowong Daytime Jam - Wed 13 May - Beginners 10:30am - Jam 11am
  • »...WE BUMS - Fri 8 May- Blackstar Coffee - Starts 6:30pm Theme TBA
  • »... Open Mic Night-Thu 16 April 7pm
  • »... The Scratch Jam - Sun 17 May - Scratch Bar Milton-12:30pm
  • »... Derek's Ferny Grove Finger-style Ukulele - Wed 20 May 6:30pm
  • »... Ferny Grove Beginners Jam - Wed 20 May 7pm
  • »... Spruketeaser Concert- Sunday 31 May- Ferny Grove- 3pm


Come to BUMS' first contemporary music jam for the young and young at heart on Sunday 3 May! If you want more Top 40 and less tunes from the 40s, this jam is specifically geared to the 15-35 set. Bring those ukes out of the closet and jam along with Bec, Erin and Blair! The Paper Moon Music Jam will be a regular jam on our event calendar for the first Sunday of the month. For more information, contact Bec H ...

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Northside Jam Tuesday 28 April

Join Tony and friends for the BUMS Northside Jam- Tuesday 28, April. Special guest, accomplished musician Jason Darling, will demonstrate the renowned Formby style of strumming. Sign up for his up-coming workshop if you get inspired. All chords & lyrics projected on screen so no need for books or printing! New to the ukulele join one of our more experienced BUMS members for the Beginners Lesson at 6:30p ...

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Register Now for Ukestration

Ukestrate with Mark and Jane from Ukastle Ukestra This workshop is great fun! It's for anyone who's played ukulele for about six months, but suspects there's more to community bands than just strum'n hum. It's also a fantastic workshop for leaders keen to cater for a wide range of skill levels. We'll play a couple of strumalong songs, but mostly we'll be ukestrating! Ukestration is arranging contemporary so ...

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Ukulele Initiative for Leadership Training

The Queensland Ukulele Initiative for Leadership Training (QUILT) Do you teach or lead ukulele? Mark and Jane at The Sum of the Parts (music), Newcastle, are inspirational ukulele teachers who completed their accreditation with the James Hill Initiative Training in 2013. They are experienced in passing on their own leadership techniques and insights to ukulele teachers and leaders, and in providing quality ...

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BUMS at Lunchtime Live launch QPAC

BUMS Inc return to QPAC to play at the first Lunchtime Live Concert this Friday. Keeping the party going for the QPAC 30th Anniversay celebrations come and hear the Best of BUMS Ensemble. Nine seasoned performers from BUMS bands play together for this special event. Mick Angeles and Stuart West from The NUMB BUMS; Bec Hull, Angel McIntosh and Garry Collins from The Brisbane Uketet; Milton Scully and Karin G ...

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