In response to the challenges presented to our community as a result of the Covid-19 crises, the BUMS Inc Committee has created a special Extraordinary Associate Membership for the balance of the 2020 financial year (updated to 31 Dec 2020).

This gives our many visitors to our regular jams, and new players the opportunity to be approved for membership, and to be invited to join the BUMS Online Facebook Group. This is where all of our live-stream jams are happening along with lots of other activities keeping our community connected.

There are no fees for associate membership. There is also no membership cards being issued currently. Legally, BUMS Inc. must collect members’ details, and make the list of members available to other members on request. Members’ contact details will not be given to any other organisation or person without members’ consent. Members who might be at risk of harm by the disclosure of information other than their full names, must apply in writing to the Management Committee to have other details withheld.

By completing this form you are applying for Extraordinary Associate Membership of the Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society Incorporated.


2020 Extraordinary Associate Membership