The genesis of the “Hint of Rosemary” lies within the CAGE which rehearses at Corinda State School on most Sunday afternoons. The CAGE was initially formed to recruit a group of adult beginner ukulele players and to bring them to performance standard for SPRUKE 2015. While many were indeed beginners there was also a smaller group of more experienced musicians who shared a common interest in popular music from the 50s to the 70s and who wished to focus on coming together to perform as a more intimate group.

We began rehearsing and as the group developed, we needed an identity and began throwing out ideas, some serious and some more light hearted. One of these was a suggestion that we call ourselves “A Hint of Rosemary” as one of the members of the group is named Rosemary. The name stuck and the identity grew. Our backgrounds are mostly a combination of teachers and healthcare professionals. The membership is not static as some of us still work while others enjoy retirement and travel so our travellers move in and out of the group depending on their travel plans.

The instrumentation generally comprises 5-7 ukuleles (concert, tenor and baritone), acoustic guitar, U-Bass and sometimes Cajon or other percussion. There is an eclectic mix of vocal styles and ranges so lead vocals are shared around depending on the songs we are working on with the remaining voices delivering a blend of close harmonies which is something the group has become renowned for.

Since our inception the “Hint of Rosemary” has performed widely and are regulars at SPRUKE, the Sunshine Coast Ukelele Festival at Kenilworth and other local venues. One of the highlights of our musical journey was being invited to perform as the support act for Vic Kena’s “The Australian Ukulele Show” at a fundraiser for St Sebastian’s Primary School. Following our performance at SPRUKE 2019 we are taking a break to recharge our batteries and hopefully will regroup in 2020.

Rod Iffinger