BUMS Inc Management

Rules of Incorporation

The management of the Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society Incorporated (BUMS Inc) is determined by its rules of incorporation.

BUMS Inc Rules of Incorporation 2015


In publicising its jams, band activities, special events and competitions, BUMS Inc observes its Privacy Statement.

Brisbane Ukulele Privacy Statement 2019

The Management Committee

The society’s activities are overseen by a management committee elected at the annual general meeting, which is generally held in October or November of each year. Notices of general meetings are emailed to financial members, and announced on the BUMS Inc website and Facebook site.

2020-2021 Management Committee

President: David Pedler ()
(chair meetings, strategic direction, Society spokesperson, liaise with external organisations)

Vice President: Angela McGrath

Treasurer: Lesley Allan ()
(budget, income & expenditure management, financial record keeping)

Assistant Treasurer: Sylvia Hunt

Secretary: Keryn Henderson ()
(membership, correspondence, meeting documentation, record keeping, updating and review of policies and guidelines)

Assistant Secretary: Peter Grace
(newsletter editor)

Gigmeister: Max Borchardt ()
(liaise between gig requests and performing members)

IT Manager: John Henderson
(hardware maintenance, software updates and support for online & offline applications)

Media Manager: Jo Kunde ()
(promote the Society’s activities, coordinate content for publications)

Festival Director:
(festival committee chair, festival spokesperson, report to Management Committee, and seek approval for budget, venue & program)

Events Manager: Max Borchardt
(propose an annual program of workshops & concerts, performer & presenter liaison, event venue coordinator)

Properties Managers: Andrew Hunt; Stephen Sandilands
(maintain equipment, research & advise on acquisitions & storage solutions, update assets register, coordinate annual electrical test & tag)

Jam Coordinators

(venue liaison, organise door staff, venue set up & set leaders, report to Management Committee)

Albany Creek: Andrew Hunt & Blair Marks

Coorparoo: Max Borchardt

Ferny Grove: Linda Gough & Paul Morris

Northside (Wavell Heights): Peter Grace & Andrew Hunt

The Scratch (Milton): Blair Marks

Westside Daytime Jam (Sinnamon Park): Sue & Peter Sercombe

TUTUs (Toowong West): Max Borchardt & Judy Haines

WE BUMS (West End): Cath McCourt

More detail about BUMS Inc jams is available from our “Jams About Town” web page.

Band Leaders

(practice venue liaison, schedule & lead regular practice sessions, internal band communication, liaise with Gigmeister and gig representatives, and report band activities to the Management Committee)

James Hill Group (Corinda): Ian Phillips

NUMB BUMS (Zillmere): John Low

Out on Bail (Rocklea): Darrell Reeve

The Sublime Ukelectics (Corinda): Becky Lochel

More detail about community bands is available from our “Be A Performer” web page.