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Behind BUMS Online Jams

Whilst we all yearn for face-to-face jams to be back, the twice-monthly BUMS Online jams provided a new experience, and helped maintain the BUMS community. Let’s take a look behind the scenes. There are four parts to getting online jams together: planning the schedule of sets and open mics, video recording songs, editing videos and […]

Ukulele in the Park

Ukulele in the Park @ Parkinson I’m one of those people that comment on posts on Facebook — and then sometimes regret it! You know, commenting on topics like, vaccines, for or against or Rugby or AFL, or even more disturbing, should I have dinner out tonight? Well, some weeks ago I saw a post […]

100 Days of Ukulele

The 100 Days of Ukulele Challenge is a ukulele journey with a difference. Budding singer, songwriter and ukulele player Maree Reedman tells us how she wrestled with the challenge. Maree shares her  journey. Performance Anxiety Fear clamped all the way from my stomach to my throat as I waited to go on stage at the […]

Ukulele Journeys

What is YOUR ukulele journey? People take up playing ukulele for lots of reasons – for fun, as a challenge, to meet new people, to stimulate their brain cells, to keep up with their kids and grandchildren.  Why did you pick it up? You might have started playing a $35 ukulele in your back bedroom, […]

Ubass? … No Treble

Ever wondered about ubass? Experienced musician and performer, Cath McCourt, summarises the ubass experience. “Playing ubass is the most satisfying instrument. You’re the rhythm, the beat, tone, soul and sweet melody, especially when you’re in a room full of ukuleles, the bass mellows them out.”  Ubass? What’s that? The ukulele bass is the largest instrument […]

Ukulele Rockers for Intermediates

Zoom into a FREE Ukulele Rockers Intermediate workshop. Do you feel stuck with your ukulele practice? Want to level-up past basic chords, and feel that super magic feeling of CONFIDENCE from getting some cool moves? Are you keen to move past the 3rd fret, learn some really fun ways to play songs (other than strumming), […]

BUMS 2020 T-shirt Range

To bring us together while we’re apart, BUMS Inc has released a new range of t-shirt designs through BUMS Bazaar. Here’s just a few of the 2020 range. Several 2020 designs in the new range are available on a wide range of dark-coloured t-shirts. For a short time only, we’re offering discount prices on the […]

Band Practice in ‘Iso’

How can bands practice in “iso”? If you’re an individual uke player, now’s the time to work on your playing, singing and performance skills. But if you play in a band, it’s impossible to practise properly without the other band members. BUMS Inc community bands, The CAGE and NUMB BUMS, have been trying different ways […]

Basically Baritone

Whether you’re new to uke or branching out, baritone might be the answer. In February 2020, two very brave baritone ukulele beginners came to Mini Absolute Beginner Ukulele Bootcamp. We’d never had baritone players attend a Bootcamp before, and were a bit concerned about how well the Bootcamp format would cater for them. But they […]

Craig & Sarah’s Not-so-mini Ukefests

What a pleasure to be asked to share a little of Craig & Sarah’s not-so-mini ukefests with fellow BUMS!! Who? Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel, are known to many as the ukulele world’s most loved couple. Who would have thought a jazz singer and cellist would  combine to make such applauded ukulele music? Craig is […]