The CAGE, Oct 2018

On Saturday October 27, several bands of BUMS came on board to play at QPAC in order to help facilitate Brisbane’s Open House Weekend.

The Cage, Duke Ukem and Hypnotonics were drawn out of a ballot to perform.

The CAGE undercover at QPAC. Photo: William Lam

The day turned out to be grey, wet and rainy and several changes had to be made at the last moment.  However, this grey day did not at all dampen our spirits.

The Cage were first up and as it was too wet and too many of them to be out on the stage, they were moved to the undercover of the restaurant area they performed personally, (without microphones or even a bass player) to the cafe consumers and to the passing crowds.  This just set the scene of what was to follow …

With the rain still coming down and in true BUMS spirit, Duke Ukem and Hypnotonics performed on the stage and in the rain.  It may have appeared they were performing to an empty crowd … but with chairs now being used as umbrellas, the crowd was up and dancing on the green amidst the glum conditions.  One only had to look up at the walkway above leading to QPAC itself to see it filled with the passing crowd who had stopped to hear us play and it was great to see some fancy jigging up on the walkway too.

What a great morning this turned out to be!

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