Benefits of being a BUM

Financial members of BUMS Inc will pay $60 a year (from 1 July 2023).  That’s just $5 a month and an absolute bargain when you consider all the things BUMS has to offer.

As a financial member:

You get free entry into all our jams. Pretty good when you know we have up to eight jams a month. Non-members will pay $10 a jam.

You will get discounted prices on all paid events we run – such as workshops and concerts. non-members pay the full price.

Access to the BUMS Inc App.  All the latest news and events at your fingertips.  And a Digital Member Card to swipe in at jams and events.

You can join one of our three community bands. These bands are only open to financial members and are free. They practice regularly, perform in public, and are a great way to make ukulele friends.

You are part of a thriving ukulele community. Get involved in running events and enjoy the companionship of like-minded people with a passion for ukuleles.

BUMS jams provide a supportive environment for ukulele players to develop their performance skills at open mics or leading jam songs.

You are eligible to join the BUMS Online private Facebook group where members share music, videos, items for sale and other news.

If you are a performer or in a performing band, BUMS has you covered. You can qualify for coverage under BUMS Inc public liability insurance (conditions apply), copyright protection under BUMS Inc licence and assistance with invoicing.

If you use electrical equipment (such as amplifiers), you can get them tested and tagged to comply with Queensland legislation at BUMS annual Test & Tag day.

This may not be something you see as a benefit, but only financial members can vote at general meetings. By being involved, you can help shape the direction of our society.  You are eligible to be elected to the management committee and directly make your mark on BUMS Inc.

One last reason for joining BUMS.  Life seems so busy nowadays, and starting or maintaining a commitment to play ukulele, may be hard to fit in.  But if you’ve paid $60, you don’t want to waste it, and it can serve as a motivation to keep going.  Keep coming to jams and workshops, make friends, join a community band, be bold and try an open mic.  The ukulele can take you on a fun journey with fun people like you never imagined.

As our President Sylvia said the other day ‘people join BUMS for the ukulele and the fun – but they stay for the community.’  Paying $60 makes you a committed member, not an occasional visitor.