Big Uke Training – Rescheduled Workshops

These Big Uke Training sessions, which were originally scheduled for a single weekend, have now been split across two Sundays, for reasons of practicality (and COVID). Five sessions will be held on Sunday August 22, and another five on 26 September. The workshopS cater to a range of abilities and interests, including some for absolute beginners and others for seasoned performers.

Book early. Details at

Presenters are from Australian, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States.

Sessions include:

Sunday 22 August Melbourne time
10:00 am – Amie Brulee (Arranging Songs to Make Them More Interesting)
11:30 am –  Kath Bee (Build Your Confidence and Learn a New Children’s Song)
1:00 pm – Duplicity (Brendan Canty & Sue Kidd) (Spice Up Your Strumming)
2:30 pm – Richard Snow (Chords, Scales and Changing Keys)
4:00 pm – Daniel Purnomo (Island Strum and Beyond)

Sunday 26 September Melbourne time
10:00 am – Jim D’Ville (Barre Chords: The Easiest Barre Chord Song You’ll Ever Learn)
11:30 am – Duplicity (Brendan Canty & Sue Kidd) (Introduction to the Blues)
1:00 pm – Bernard de la Couer (Songwriting)
2:30 pm – Gaelle Horsley (Working with Other Musicians: Why some Groups/Bands Fail … and how to avoid this!)
4:00 pm – Daniel Purnomo (Aloha from Singapore: Ukulele concert with singalong and jam at the end)

Visit the Big Uke Training website to find out workshop fees, and how to register and join the online sessions.

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