BUM member, Jim Bills, invited performing BUMS to warm their voices and tighten their strings and join the Brisbane Basket Brigade to provide entertainment for the army of volunteers needed to pack and deliver Christmas baskets to those who need them. A big thank you to Mick Angeles, Bec Hull, Daylight Moon, Duke Nukem, The CAGE, and Vic Kena who answered the call.

The Brisbane Basket Brigade is an annual campaign to provide food and gifts for people that need a hand during the Christmas season. To date, hundreds of teams of volunteers feed more than 2 million people in 400 cities, across 74 countries annually. Since 1995, the Basket Brigades of the Magic Moments Foundation have worked with volunteer organisations to deliver food, clothing, toys to families in need, the elderly, the hungry and the homeless. The Baskets are given anonymously. The note they receive asks them to take care of themselves, and encourages them to ‘pay it forward’ one day if they find themselves in a position to help another.

The 2016 Brisbane Basket Brigade Packing Day was a huge success. Volunteers packed and delivered  over 750 Food & Gift Baskets for over 2700 recipients, 80 Homeless Food & Gift Bags and 16 Elderly Gift Baskets.  Over the weekend about 500 volunteers worked tirelessly to set up the hall, move around 15 tonnes of food, wrap over 3000 Christmas gifts, pack and deliver around 1800 boxes, and deliver them from Caboolture to Ipswich to Stradbroke Island.

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