An Opportunity to Come Together

Current social restrictions presented BUMS with wonderful opportunity to bring its members together for an unique and solemn celebration. The BUMS Online ANZAC Day 2020 event, honouring Australian and New Zealand war efforts from WWI to the present day, comprised a 10:00 am service followed by an 11:00 am jam.

An indication of the value of the event is seen in the Facebook statistics. The event has viewed by over 130 members and received over 150 comments of support and appreciation.

The Service

BUMS Inc President, David Pedler, led the service through the many symbolic elements of a traditional ANZAC Day service. It was pleasing to see the valuable contributions of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Maori to the war effort acknowledged. Many of our BUMS members involved in presenting the service were ex-servicemen or reservists, for whom ANZAC Day holds a very special significance.


ANZAC DAY wherever we may be is so important. To acknowledge our soldiers and their wider families and communities for their sacrifice is one of the most sacred moments we should all cherish and respect today. To pay tribute through prayer, stories and song to share with our wider families and community keeps our ANZACs alive each year remembering their courage and bravery. To have their sacrifice carved in the hearts of our children is a blessing which is what I love today. Including our children in the services so they learn and understand just how important and special this commemoration is to us all so they can teach their children. BUMS ANZAC Day Service was a very well orchestrated event and a joy to watch.

Congratulations BUMS for a well presented service. Many hours went in to this and both Kerrie and I are very honoured to be a part of this. My family and I also held our own service on our front lawn at 6 am. We love being able to include our Māori culture in to our service which makes it very special for us. Thank you very much BUMS for all that you do for our community. This was a great moment.

Vic and Kerrie Kena






The Jam

The ANZAC Jam featured many of our favourite performing members leading our all time favourite patriotic songs.

A recording of the BUMS ANZAC Day 2020 service is on the Brisbane Ukulele Facebook page:

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