Volunteers Free Concert

I was first asked 2016 if I could arrange some (free) motivating music to entertain the volunteers at the Brisbane Basket Brigade Packing Day, for about 5 hours, but was given no brief.

The performance slots filled with little difficulty, including Mick Angeles, The Cage, Bec Hull, Duke Ukem and Vic Kena. Daylight Moon also made an appearance. And then there were some guitarist/singers that joined the list – Steve Elbourn, Rick Young and Dan Nebe from Team Utopia. – Dan is the heart behind Rockin’ for the Homeless 4.0 from Redcliffe, which has now expanded to other major cities.

2017 saw a new venue, across two indoor basketball courts at Cannon Hill Anglican College. Suddenly there were 2 days and 8 hours to fill. Steve Elbourn and Mick Angeles confirmed their slot the year before, Duke Ukem were in the show and Kine Kool (3 piece) made a mark. RCUS took a slot and David Hethorn courageously took the closing slot and played every song he knew. Vic Kena and Keith Pavy and outstanding performer who includes several years with Ol’55 in his CV were the feature acts.

By 2018 grew to be a full two-day event (8 & 9 December 2018) with 13 hours of entertainment to be delivered. Steve Elbourn, Mick Angeles, Duke Ukem and Vic Kena celebrated their third participation (and have reserved their slot for 2019 already. Kine Kool played a couple of songs as a duo, and David Hethorn, undaunted by 2017, took a set.

Newcomers Budgies (BUG) played a creditable second public performance, soliciting Vic Kena on ukulele and myself on percussion to add a little colour. Hypnotonics, and Adrian Board completed the ukulele line-up. Paul Seils Jnr, John Donnelly (who drove down from Bribie), Erwin Zerbe and John Lindsay (1969) delivered an entertainment experience including original works, Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond, Rolling Stones and so much more!!

Los Angeles, or the LA Bros & Trish Rodwell

A special experience was the Los Angeles, or the LA Bro’s…. Mick wasn’t quite sure what to call them, but it was Mick and his brothers in a unique line-up. The LA Bros were joined on stage by Paul Seils Jnr and Trish for a few songs. And Auntie Marg was also spotted dropping a few bass lines with Paul earlier in the day.

And as if this wasn’t enough there was the Ukulele Supergroup “HypnodukeAngeles feat Adrian Board”! Obviously, all of the performers had an amazing time.

“HypnodukeAngeles feat Adrian Board” at Brisbane Basket Brigade, 2018

Sorry, but it’s unlikely that there will be vacancies in 2019 as reservations were confirmed by every player before they left.

Brisbane Basket Brigade shouts out a huge THANK YOU to the 26 performers over the two days that kept the volunteers motivated, and I thank everyone for making my job so easy ??

Brisbane Basket Brigade is a self-sufficient program of Magic Moments Foundation of Australia. Run completely by volunteers, 98-99% of all funds raised is distributed to the community. There are similar programs on the Gold and Sunshine Coast and in other capital cities.

Some 900 or more volunteers pack and deliver family baskets, homeless baskets and baskets to rural families at Christmas. Recipients are nominated by a variety of organisations and the deliveries are anonymous. Over 5000 gifts were wrapped, about 900 families have a better Christmas with the food hampers, and about 250 homeless were also gifted for delivery by other major charities.

The audience is dynamic, constantly varying, full hall to almost empty and then full house again. It is a unique performing experience where the audience has their hands too full to clap … but they do engage, sing and dance.

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