AGM 2022 new committee

Outcome of the AGM – new committee

We are bound by our Rules of Incorporation to

  • Have our financial records reviewed by an auditor.
  • Hold an Annual General Meeting open to all financial members within six months of the end of our financial year.
  • Have the financial records approved at the AGM.
  • Appoint an auditor for the next financial year, and
  • Elect a new Management Committee.

All these things were done at the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 17 September 2022.

Management Committee

The outgoing Management Committee had decided to adopt a different business model with a smaller Management Committee and using BUMS Inc members to take on volunteer tasks and projects. For more detail see here.

The five members of the Management Committee for 2022-23 are

President – Sylvia Hunt

Vice President – Max Borchardt                           Secretary – Peter Grace


Events and Gigmeister – Steve Sandilands                                         Treasurer – Simon Carter

We welcomed Simon Carter to the committee. He replaces Lesley Allan who has been Treasurer for the last two years. We will still see her at jams though conducting raffles and selling BUMS merchandise.


Sylvia Hunt thanked past committee members for their work for BUMS Inc. David Pedler (IT support) and Andrew Hunt (Property) will continue their roles but will not be on the committee.

Special mention was made at the AGM of Jo Kunde. She retired in July as Media Manager after nine years in the role. Her energy, capability and initiative meant the job kept getting bigger and bigger. She has been amazing for BUMS, and we have truly valued her work.

Many BUMS members have accepted roles to support our smaller Management Committee – and we thank them. We are sure there are many more skilled, capable and reliable people in the BUMS community. We will be looking for more help with special projects and small routine tasks. It will be good to spread the work around, so we all feel ownership of BUMS Inc.


The new committee wants to simplify the way BUMS operates by eliminating non-productive tasks, using new technology or software, and integrating the many systems we use. We want to run BUMS like a small business focussing on how we provide services to our members and meet the aims set out in our Rules of Incorporation.

In case you’ve forgotten, these are:
1. To have fun (or better still in the words of our President fun, fun, fun and more fun).
2. To develop our member’s ukulele playing skills.
3. To promote the ukulele, live music, music appreciation and ukulele-based entertainment in the Greater Brisbane community.

All members of BUMS Inc will surely subscribe to those aims.

If you would like to see a copy of the minutes of the AGM, please ask the secretary at .

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