Strummin’ the Rhythm, Pickin’ the Tune

If you’re ready to expand your basic ukulele strum and start creating vibrant, beautiful music with exciting rhythms and captivating melodies, then this whole-day course is for you.

Join Cathy Welsford and Angie Smith (The Wild Women of Anywhere Beach) on 14-18 January 2019 at Bellingen Public School Creative Camp to learn how to add musical texture through emphasis, tempo and expression to achieve diverse musical styles. Bring your playing to life by adding off-beat strums and cool riffs while making new friends. Develop your strumming and rhythm-picking skills, and improve your ability to pick melodies and play riffs

Participants should be aged 16+, and have at least a year’s ukulele experience be able to move confidently amongst a few more chords than just C, F and G7. You will need to prepare for the course by practising the C scale. The course will involve finger picking and reading tabulature and sheet music.

You’ll also learn tricks of the trade like how to:
• transpose a song’s key to suit your voice
• use cheat chords to progress to increasingly complex songs
• make your ukulele ring with a sweet, confident ton
• play the twelve bar walkin’ blues
• improvise during instrumental breaks

Visit the course web page to learn more.

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