Campfire Buddies Raffle

Drawn at the Northside Jam on Tuesday 28 September 2021. Congratulations to our lucky winners!


1st Prize:  Yvonne Yellow X03

2nd Prize:  Judy Tait Yellow X30

3rd Prize:  Donna Farrell Yellow X45

The BUMS raffle for September 2021 is a hot accessories kit perfect for social nights around a campfire or at a jam.

The Major Draw is a Ammoon Lap Cajon,  Adjustable Drum Stool, and Wire drum brushes with a neat Kadink Library Bag to keep them in (valued $153).

We have two additional minor draws to share the warmth!

You could take home either:

a. Adjustable Foot Rest and BUMS T-shirt   (valued  $40)
b. Headstock Strap and BUMS T-shirt          (valued  $30)

Bring some change to any jam in August or September and buy your tickets!


Coming to a jam near you soon….

Starting at Northside jam 24 August, drawn on 28 September at Northside. 





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