Back by popular demand … and only a few places left …

Julie, John and Keryn are offering another chance to come to Absolute Beginners Ukulele Bootcamp … absolutely FREE.

Our next Absolute Beginners Ukulele Bootcamp will run on two consecutive Wednesday evenings in June 2018.

Attendance is specifically for absolute beginners. Group size is limited to 16 participants. Players who already know C, F & G7, please don’t apply.

In true Bootcamp style, we do the hard yards. There’s lots of boring basics, and dreadful drill and practice to build your strength and confidence. In each two-hour session we present a lot of material, so you’ll need to commit to practising 10-15 minutes a day to achieve mastery.

Sessions run from 7-9 pm on Wednesday 6 and 13 June 2018.

Registration: Please register at Registering via Trybooking enrols you in both sessions. Please only apply if you are available for both sessions. Registrations have been extended until 11:00 pm on Monday 4 June 2018.

UK Ukulele Master Peter Moss Tours East Coast this May

Peter is one of the world’s great masters of ukulele and banjolele styles. Many BUMS will know him from his appearance at the Sunshine Coast festivals in previous years.

Peter became a renowned English champ on the ukulele at the age of 12. A brilliant, charming performer who’s currently traveling the world playing and teaching the instrument. George Formby riffs flash from his fingers as he takes you on a musical journey that will have you shaking your head in amazement.

This will be Peter’s 5th Australian/ New Zealand tour in 3 years and he receives incredible acclaim at every apearance. We are excited to be hosting Peter Moss for his Brisbane leg of his tour.
Peter will be conducting a workshop before the concert. Participants describe Peters workshops as informative and interesting but also lots of fun.

Workshop & Concert $35
Concert only $20

Eventbrite - Ukulele Master Peter Moss Workshop and Concert

Tickets online at Eventbrite (Booking fees apply)

See HOW TO BUY YOUR TICKETS below. BUMS members receive a massive $25 discount on the Workshop & Concert Ticket-BUMS member with their promo-code. Financial BUMS members check your email 19 April SUBJECT:  Promo Code for Peter Moss Concert & Workshop

COORPAROO BOWLS CLUB- 32 Riddings Street Coorparoo. QLD 4151.


Workshop 9:30- 11:30am and Concert 12:30-2:30pm. Food and drink available from the club during the break.


A ROCK & ROLL WORK FUN SHOP – Learn four classic rock and roll tunes in four different keys.

Peter has written this fun shop in two levels of difficulty, so its suitable for any playing level.

Includes a nice introduction, some new chords (in addition to the ones you already know), key changes and a professional intro and ending for each song. Fun, Fun, Fun, for all!




We want all BUMS members to be able to learn from and experience the brilliance of Peter Moss in concert so we have sent you an email with the promotional code for a massive discount on your ticket. Receive $25 discount so your ticket is $11.49 ($10 + $1.49 booking fee)
It’s easy to buy your tickets online. Go to Eventbrite

  1. Click the green TICKETS button
  2. Click Enter Promotional Code on top right
  3. Scroll down and chooseWorkshop & Concert Ticket-BUMS member-  2 tickets maximum at the discounted price.
  4. Choose any other tickets you require.
  5. Proceed to checkout




Just starting ukulele?

Come to Absolute Beginners Ukulele Bootcamp … absolutely FREE.

Julie, Keryn and John will run a free Absolute Beginners Ukulele Bootcamp on two consecutive Wednesday evenings in May 2018. Attendance is specifically for Absolute Beginners. Group size is limited to 15 participants. Players who already know C, F & G7, please don’t apply.

At Absolute Beginners Ukulele Bootcamp we do the hard yards. In true Bootcamp style, there’ll be lots of boring basics, and dreadful drill and practice to build your strength and confidence. We aim to get through a lot of material in each session. Bring your ukulele and tuner.

You’re unlikely to master each skill at Bootcamp, and you will need to commit to 10-15 min practice most days of the week following the Bootcamp session to consolidate what you learn.  No notetaking required. You’ll be much too busy anyway. Detailed notes with supporting resources are emailed to participants after each session.

The course is designed to help you structure your own practice sessions. It covers ukulele and music terminology, habits of practice, finger dexterity, ear training, basic music theory and clues from sheet music, reading rhythms, interpreting ukulele chord diagrams and songsheets, strumming technique, strum patterns, picking patterns, chord shapes for Am, Am7, C, C6, D, D7, F, G, and G7, chord placement drills, common chord changes and progressions, 12 bar blues … and ultimately … playing and singing songs. Please email questions about the course to Keryn at

Location: Bulimba Brisbane City Council Library, Meeting Room 1, Cnr Riding Road & Oxford Street, Bulimba Q 4171.

Dates: Session 1: Wednesday 23 May 2017  and Session 2: Wednesday 30 May 2017. Please only register if you are available for both sessions.

Time: Arrive at 6:45 pm for a 7:00 pm sharp start. Sessions run from 7:00-9:00 pm.

Registration: Please register via Trybooking Registrations open on Saturday 17 February 2018. Registering via Trybooking enrols you in both sessions.  As the group size is limited, if you think you have missed out, please add your name to the waiting list. Registrations close 7:00 pm on Friday 12 May 2018.


BUMS has been invited to join EveryOneBand, the biggest band and largest interactive recording project ever! This is a fundraiser for the Australian Music Charity, Support Act.

This will be a great project for BUMS to record as a group.

Check out the Launch Video here!

Who else is in the band? Everyone from Jimmy Barnes to Kasey Chambers, from The Baby Animals to Midnight Oil. More than 1200 people so far! Check out to see a full list of band members.

BUMS will record ourselves playing along with  our BUMS band leader to the original song “Stand By You”. Ukulele only- no vocals. We then send in our audio file. When EveryOneBand has received everyone’s files and mixed the song, the single will be released with 100% of all record royalties and profits going to Support Act. Due sometime in May 2018.

BUMS Inc is recording on
7:00- 9:00PM



1. Register to play at BUMS recording for EveryOneBand

* indicates required


2. Join EveryOneBand

Even though our recording will be of all BUMS playing together jam style– each player needs to join EveryOneBand individually, so you can see your own name on the EveryOneBand members list and agree to the terms & conditions.

Join as yourself and enter Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society as your band. If you are sending an additional recording of yourself (singing or playing another instrument) with another band add that band as well. Joining is free, quick and easy.


Once you have joined  the band you can download backing tracks to practice to. Although there is a uke chart of the song ‘Stand By You’ available we want you to download the BUMS formatted ‘Stand By You’ song sheet

3. DOWNLOAD the BUMS song sheet of Stand By You

This is the one we’ll be using on recording night. It’ll  look more familiar if you’re a regular jam player!

DOWNLOAD PDF HERE (112 KB) Stand By You-uke-lyrics-link-BUMS

4. Practice the song”Stand By You” with the backing track.


5. Bring your Uke to Coorparoo Bowls Club, Wednesday 28 March 7 PM  and be ready to record

There will be a run through of “Stand By You” at Ferny Grove and Northside Jams. We’ll also have a few rehearsals on the night before we commence the recording session.

You’ll be able to tell the kids and grandkids that you’re in a band with Barnesy, Paul Kelly and The Oils, it’s the biggest band ever, you’ve got a #1 hit – and a ‘Gold’ award to prove it!

The only rule of EveryOneBand is that no one gets a free record. So we all have to buy, download and/or stream the track as much as possible – and get our friends and family to as well! That’s how we’ll top the charts, go gold – and most importantly, raise money for Support Act.

Pre-order your single or download from the EveryOneBand store – each one counts towards the chart position and gold target. There is also t-shirts, etc. for sale! 100% of all recording royalties and Merchandising profit goes to Support Act, the Australian Music Charity. Buy a T-shirts and wear it to the recording!

Tell your band members and uke friends and come be a part of something epic and unique – the biggest band ever.

If you have any questions please contact Jo Kunde via

Everything you want to know to start playing the Baritone Ukulele

Any ukulele player knows the versatile uke is adaptable to many different types of music, and provides a unique characteristic to each musical arrangement. Each size of ukulele from the smallest soprano, concert, tenor and baritone brings a different tone. If you are a part of a group, the deeper richer sounds of the baritone can provide a unique foil for any song arrangement.

Why play a baritone?

The baritone can provide a good transition from 6 string to 4 string playing for people who are having a hard time adjusting to the GCEA tuned ukulele. The longer fretboard of the baritone could be easier to transition to than the smaller sized ukuleles for some. Transitioning from a guitar to baritone ukulele is very easy because all of the shapings for the chords are the same (the only exception being that the bottom two strings are not there). The string tension is less, and the fret spacing is closer together and there is only 4 strings to bar. It is also so much more portable than a guitar. If you are looking for a guitar alternative, try a baritone ukulele.

We are seeing more Baritone Ukuleles at the jams and in our performing groups. BUMS members have been asking for a workshop so here it is!

Intro to Baritone Ukulele

24 MARCH 2018

Coorparoo Bowls Club

1 PM

This workshop is for you if;

  • you have a baritone ukulele and want to know the differences it has to the standard ukuleles.
  • you are thinking about getting a baritone and want to find out about it and have all your questions answered before you spend your money.
  • you are a part of a group and want to discover how the deeper richer sounds of the baritone can complement any song arrangement.
  • you are looking for a guitar alternative.

This workshop is suitable for any player, beginner to advanced.

The workshop presenter is Garry Collins who has a Certificate 3 in teaching ukulele having trained under James Hill for three years. He has played the Baritone ukulele for five years, performing with the Brisbane Uketet.

You will learn

  • how the baritone is tuned.
  • the differences and the similarities the baritone has to other ukuleles.
  • the basic chords in all keys on the baritone.
  • different techniques to play along with others and enhance the overall group sound.

To finish the workshop Garry will lead a short jam to consolidate what you’ve learned and get you familiarised with the baritone chording.


  • a Baritone Ukulele
  • a tuner

There will be a spare Baritone Ukulele (one only) for those who don’t have one but would like to try it out.
A copy of notes from the workshop and a chord chart will be given to all participants.

Purchase tickets online at Trybooking


BUMS financial members tickets $5 with promo code (via email  Monday 19 February 2018)

Please Note: Trybooking has an addition booking fee $0.30 TIPS for using Trybooking here

DATE: 24 March 2018

VENUE: Coorparoo Bowls Club, 32 Riddings Street, Coorparoo

TIME: 1:00 pm – 3/4:00 pm. Flexible finish time if the jam is hopping we aren’t stopping!

If you would like to join BUMS (and get great perks like special prices for workshops) on our membership page.

Check out what jams, workshops, and performances are happening every month on the News & Events page.


Learn Bass with Cath McCourt and BUMS this February!

Its a bass player meet-up at BUMS

What do you call someone who hangs around with musicians?

A Bass Player!

Would you like to learn a fun way to play bass?

To understand how the bass is an important part of the band, or group. Some say it brings the ukulele down from rafters mellowing out the tune.

To show you how it is percussion, keeping the beat & rhythm.

The Bass is like a drum, it keeps the rest of the Band in time, if you have rhythm then you can play bass!

Cath McCourt will teach you

  • to read tabs
  • walk the bass
  • search for tutorials
  • chord patterns





U Bass/ Bass guitar
Amp [if you have one]
Jug lead [power chord for amp]
Lead for bass

Water, Tea & Coffee will be supplied.


VENUE: Coorparoo Bowls Club, 32 Riddings Street, Coorparoo

TIME: Workshop starts 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. Doors open at 8:40am come early to set up amplification for your bass.

$20 for one
$30 for both

BUMS Financial Members have received a Promo-Code for 30% discount check your email Monday 5 Feb “Members Promo Code for Bass Workshop Feb 2018”.  Members Price $14 for one day or $21 for both.
Please Note: Trybooking has an addition booking fee $0.30  TIPS for using Trybooking here

Buy your tickets online at Trybooking


Buy your Tickets at Coorparoo Jam 7th February 2018- CASH only.


Please Note:  Places are limited for these workshops, however if sold out there will be a waiting list on Trybooking.

For questions about the workshop or if you do not have an amp please contact Cath at

If you are unable to attend the workshop or have any questions regarding Trybooking please contact Jo Kunde at

Join BUMS Inc and get great membership benefits.  All you need to know HERE.


BUMS retrn to the QPAC Green Jam 22 December

We are thrilled to be have BUMS performing groups invited to return to QPAC’s famous Green Jam again this month. The BUMS line up for 2018 is NUMB BUMS, Mama Juju and the Jam Tarts and Four Drink Limit.

Wrap up your work week and kick start the Christmas weekend!  If you are going to see A Very Kransky Christmas  or Spirit of Christmas 2017 arrive early, chill out under the stars before your show and get in the festive mood. Catch up with friends on the lawn, drink in hand, cool breeze in the air and grab a bite from Green Jam Eats.

The Green Jam is a FREE event so perfect to bring all your friends and family. Close to public transport.

DATE: Friday 22 December

VENUE: Green Jam, Melbourne Street Green, QPAC.

TIME: 5:30- 9:30pm


Check out all the fun we had in 2017!

BUMS thanks ourSPRUKECrew with a BBQ on Saturday 18 November

SPRUKE Crew Thank You BBQ

BUMS Inc wants to thank all of our wonderful SPRUKE Crew for their enthusiasm, energy and time. If you volunteered over the festival weekend you are invited!

Steak sandwiches are the fare, OR a couple of snags on bread.

DATE: Saturday 18 November 2017
VENUE: Coorparoo Bowls Club, 32 Riddings Street Coorparoo
TIME: 12:30 pm

You must RSVP for catering. Be quick numbers are limited!

RSVP to Festival Director, Max Borchardt. Email or phone 0402 071 483 by Monday 13 November 2017 .

Drinks available at the bar.

Bring your uke, your pics and your stories!

Come to the AGM and find out what your society has done for its members in the last 12 months.

The Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society Annual General Meeting is to be held Tuesday 31 October 2017, 6:30pm
Coorparoo RSL Club. More info here.

The following Nominations have been received for the 2017 BUMS Inc AGM.
President:                                                    Nominated by:                                                   Seconded:
Vice President: Amanda Allwood           Nominated by: Ian Phillips                             Seconded: Clare Gornall
Treasurer: Col Grant                                 Nominated by: Ian Phillips                             Seconded: Clare Gornall
Assistant Treasurer:                                  Nominated by:                                                   Seconded:
Secretary: Judy Matthews                        Nominated by: Ian Phillips                             Seconded: Clare Gornall
Assistant Secretary:                                   Nominated by:                                                   Seconded:
Media Manager:                                         Nominated by:                                                   Seconded:
IT Officer: Rob Carlyle                              Nominated by: John Henderson                   Seconded: Keryn Henderson
Properties Manager:                                  Nominated by:                                                  Seconded:
Gigmeister: John Henderson                   Nominated by: Keryn Henderson                Seconded: Rob Carlyle
Spruke Director: Max Borchardt             Nominated by: Judy Matthews                    Seconded: Col Grant
Events Manager:                                         Nominated by:                                                 Seconded:

Come along (with your uke) at 6:30 pm on Tuesday 31 October, for refreshments and a song before the meeting fun begins!

RSVP to so we can cater for you and send you the AGM agenda and minutes.

All positions are declared vacant and nominations are always welcome. Nomination forms will be available on the night. (Nominees, nominators and seconders must be financial members of BUMS Inc for the 2017–2018 financial year.)

Take part and have your say in the direction of our society – fresh ideas are welcome!

AWSUM – Agnes Water Social Ukulele Musicians – is a well-established Ukulele club in Agnes Water & 1770 of Queensland, Australia.

AWSUM invite you to come & join them at their first annual
3 days of fun in the sun – AWSUM UKULELE BEACH JAM WEEKEND! (3-5 November 2017)

Agnes Water & 1770 is renowned for beautiful scenery, beaches, sunsets, national parks, walking trails, surfing, fishing & the friendliest community anywhere.

All levels of ukulele players are welcome. Check out their website for more information –