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Bring your spare change … buy a ticket or two in our

January 2021 Multi-Draw Raffle

Tickets $2 each

(available at jams throughout January)

Drawn at the February Coorparoo Jam.

PRIZES (valued at over $200)

  • 1st Prize:  Tikiman concert ukulele and gig bag $150
  • 2nd Prize: “Australian Ukulele Vol 1” CD by Australian ukulele artists $20;
    Ko’olau concert uke strings (monofilament/nylon) $15 & ukulele strap $13
  • 3rd Prize: “Your ukulele has more than 3 frets”CD &
    Percussive Strumming” DVD by Trevor Gollagher $10 each;
    D’addario concert uke strings (nylon) $15; & ukulele strap $13

Prizes courtesy of BUMS Inc & Trevor Gollagher Music 


Book your January Jams

To streamline jam bookings, all January jams are listed on one Trybooking Event Page, and bookings for all four jams open on the same day.

To create our contact register, everyone planning to attend a jam (organisers, volunteers, set leaders and jammers) must register through Trybooking.

Download BUMSInc_COVID-19_OperatingGuidelines_v2.0.

Financial members promocode

To receive the promocode for January jams, you must be a financial BUMS Inc member. Financial members were emailed the promocode on Tuesday 22 December 2020.

Becoming financial

If you’re yet to join or renew, visit the Membership and Membership Payment Options web pages to find out how to become or member or renew your membership.

Once you’ve paid your fees, forward your transaction record to the Secretary (), and Keryn will send you the promocode.

Returning tickets

Please remember, there are limited seats available, and we’d like to fill them all. If you book a seat and then cannot come, please advise Jo Kunde (), so that the seat can be offered to the next person on the waiting list. Please also note that the $5 visitor tickets are non-refundable.


BUMS Inc has developed a set of COVID-safe guidelines for any gathering of people and these guidelines determine how the jams will operate now . We need your cooperation to ensure our jams are COVID-safe events.

The health and safety measures that apply to our jams:

  • There will be a limit on the number of people at a jam.
  • You must get a ticket to attend through Trybooking.
  • We will keep a register of who attends for contact tracing.
  • We will manage a defined venue or space according to BUMS COVID-safe guidelines.
  • You must be seated in the jam and maintain social distancing of 1.5m apart.
  • We will control the flow of people moving in and out of the venue.

Each of our venues may require slightly different ways of achieving these measures, which will be outlined in the terms and conditions on the ticket.

Download a PDF copy of BUMSInc_COVID-19_OperatingGuidelines_v2.0

Restrictions have been updated 11 January 2021. Check the latest guidelines from Queensland Health.
If you are playing with friends at home please stay safe and follow the latest guidelines. Face Masks- How to wear, use and change.


Jams in this new era of social distancing and keeping COVID-safe, are a bit different and we ask all of our community to please keep these rules in mind.
1. Please don’t come if you are unwell. LINK: What is COVID 19 and Keeping Our Community Safe
2. Numbers are limited and tickets are made available through TryBooking. If you come without a ticket you may not be able to participate in the jam.
3. There are clearly marked entry and exit to the venue. On entry, please sanitise your hands.
4. Check in at entrance with your ticket, confirm your well being and register for contact tracing purposes.
5. Wash your hands. Use your own hand sanitiser at the event or use that provided. Clean your ukulele and any other equipment you bring.
6. Chairs will be provided and will be 1.5m apart.
7. Please sit down throughout the jam. Please don’t move the chairs unless you are with a family member.
8. We may need to turn people away if too many turn up.
9. If we can’t manage the crowd, we may have to stop the event.
10. If the jam is outdoors we will tape off an area to define the COVID-safe zone.


As each of the jams start up specific details for each venue will be added here.

Coorparoo Jam – Coorparoo Bowls Club
Westside Jam – Rosemount Community Centre
Ferny Grove Jam – Ferny Grove Sports and Community Sports Club
Northside Jam – Northern Suburbs Bowls Club
Deception Bay Jam – Maota Fono- Samoan Meeting House 

Read more about what it took to plan our first COVID safe Jam in this post.


These are straight from the Queensland Health website and give a simple guide to what we all still need to focus on.

  • Maintain physical distancing (1.5m)
  • Wear a mask when distancing is not possible (particularly in enclosed spaces)
  • Maintain good hand hygiene
  • Stay at home when sick
  • Allow for effective contact tracing
  • Rapidly responding to outbreaks
  • Travel restrictions from hot spots

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What is COVID 19 and Keeping Our Community Safe

QR Code Tips

Trybooking Tips

If you have any other enquires about jams, QR codes or Trybooking please contact Jo Kunde via



Samoan Meeting House

Why did BUMS decide to hold the first COVID-safe jam in Deception Bay? Why not Coorparoo or Wavell Heights? There’s a a bit more to consider when planning a safe jam for all now.

Venue Discovery

Back in pre-COVID days, BUMS member Peter Grace and his wife Jenny were on a bike ride around Deception Bay (on the Redcliffe Peninsula north of Brisbane). They chanced to see an unusual building in the park behind the local Community Centre. A notice said it was the Maoto Fono Building or the Samoan Meeting House — and was available for hire.

You could imagine a structure like this on a Pacific Island built from natural rather than modern materials. It has lighting and power, a toilet and ample car parking. Pete’s comment was ‘this would be a good place for a jam’.

Ventilation and lots of space to spread out!

Impact of COVID

Fast forward a few months and the BUMS management committee is sifting through the Government’s guidelines for holding events like jams in a COVID safe way. How can we practice social distancing at a jam? How could we manage the number of people that might come to a jam? The committee produced a set of guidelines for holding any group event such as a jam, a workshop on a practice of a community band.

Although Deception Bay is a fair way away from where BUMS has traditionally held jams, many BUMS members live north of Brisbane and many ukulele players live on the Redcliffe Peninsula. The Samoan Meeting House sounded like a good place to hold a trial jam under COVID restrictions. An ‘outdoor’ venue with good ventilation would minimise COVID infection risks.

First COVID safe jam

Peter Grace developed a plan for holding a jam at Deception Bay following BUMS COVID guidelines. We expect this will form a template for other jam leaders to set up jams at other venues like Coorparoo, Wavell Heights and Ferny Hills. To allow as many members as possible to attend, the afternoon of Saturday 26 September was the chosen date for the jam.

Jo Kunde (Media Manager) promoted the jam to BUMS financial members on Monday 7 September and then to Associate members – and by Thursday we had reached capacity. There will be ten people leading and managing the event and 40 jam goers in the audience.

Organising a COVID safe jam

The jam will be different to the ones of the past. There will be a cordoned off COVID safe zone where chairs will be placed 1.5m apart. You will have to stay in your seat during the jam and not move the chairs. There will be a limit to the number who can attend – and it will be necessary to pre-book. We used Trybooking for this jam. If you come without a ticket you may not be able to join the jam.

BUMS Inc has a responsibility to run the jam in a COVID safe manner. If the organisers have any concerns that jam goers are not following the guidelines or we cannot manage the crowd, we reserve the right to stop the event. This might sound harsh, but we don’t want anyone to catch the virus and we don’t want to cop fines for running an unsafe event.

Future jams

The Deception Bay jam is a trial. If it is a success – both musically and safely – then we plan to run the event again. It will also form as a template for other jams in other venues. We hope to have the Northside (Wavell Heights) and Ferny Grove jams up and running soon. We miss live jams so much and can’t wait to be back together (even if 1.5m apart).

It’s been six months of longing to get back to together. At last after so many considerations and lots of planning BUMS Inc held its first face to face live jam post lockdown.

This first jam was held at Deception Bay in a truly unique open air venue the Maota Fono Samoan Meeting House. Set in a park with a tropical garden around it the ‘house’ provided great acoustics, shelter and air circulation. Although it would have to have been one of the windiest days this year, which provided a few challenges, the sun was shining and we were all there to have a good time.

The support crew and performers arrived early to clean and set up the venue in line with the BUMS COVID Safe Guidelines. There was plenty of joking as they got to work sanitizing all the chairs, tables and toilets, and setting up the gear. Our COVID marshals double checked all the chairs were set at the correct distance and the bunting which delineated the space also provided a festive air. The meet and greet and exit was were set up with sanitisers, wipes, check in lists, and surveys and soon all was ready to welcome our jammers.

COVID Marshal Jennie keeping her distance from John.

Forty BUMS members snapped up the tickets when they became available on Trybooking in just four days. There were smiles all round as they started to file in while the band completed their sound checks. For nine of our players it was a new experience, as new associate members they had never attended a live face to face BUMS jam before. It was wonderful to see folks so happy to be out and playing again.

By the time one o’clock came around The Ukulele Saints with Leanne Williams were ready to go, and Peter got the jam started. We enjoyed three sets with great to sing-a-long songs, with something for everyone from classic rock & roll, folk to this century pop songs.

Peter Ransom stepped up to the open mic to perform a ditty from 1906 “Shine On Harvest Moon” with we all joined in the parts we knew. The Saints were also joined by Karen Neundorf for “Riptide” and John Henderson for “Budapest”.

New member Cecilia with Peter and Karen who performed on the day.

It was lovely to see everyone catching up and chatting to new members in the breaks between sets. The two hours went very quickly and final rousing version of the BUMS favourite “Stray Cat Strut” with cat calls and meowing closed the jam.

As always we had plenty of helpers who volunteered to sanitize and pack up the chairs. There were surveys to complete which have provided the BUMS committee with some valuable feedback. Yes it was very windy, which was challenging for the microphones and performers, and the screen was hard to see for some, but the good news is 90% of our respondents said they’d come again to Deception Bay Jam.

“Happy to be back”

“Great effort – thanks for putting it on”

The happy smiling faces said it all; playing ukes and singing together makes you feel good. It was a red letter day which gives us all hope that more of our regular jams can start again soon.

Many thanks go to Peter Grace who did his due diligence and more to get this first jam going in a venue which fulfilled all the requirements to make a COVID safe event. You can read more about that in this post Planning A Safe Jam. Also many thanks to the support team who made it happen on the day.

Ukulele Saints, Peter Grace, Chris Slater, John Low and Frank Buckley joined by Leanne Williams with John Henderson on projector duties.

Missed out on this jam?

BUMS Inc financial members, then associate members are offered first chance for tickets. If any are available after that they will be then offered to our mailing list. You can find out how to become a BUMS member here or join free with associate membership until the end of 2020 here .

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Big farewell wave from our jam players.

Our Albany Creek Jam has been through a few changes since it started at its original venue at Samuel Grays in May 2018. After a name change and a few months of new management, the Albany Creek jam required a sudden venue switch for March 2020. But a couple of things you can always rely on along with our enthusiastic jam leaders, Andrew Hunt and Blair Marks, — great songs and cold beer. Hopefully, we’ll be back jamming at Albany Creek soon.

Peter Ransom at the open mic. Image: Tim Roberts.

Peter Ransom Reports

A last-minute venue change to Fritzenburgers added a little frisson to the start of proceedings. But we then enjoyed another of Blair’s laid-back, but sometimes challenging programs. Familiar and not so familiar stuff, occasional key changes, and some really good endings meant that the interval arrived very quickly.

After the break Peter Ransom (Why Don’t You Do Right) and Caroline Haig (You Get What You Give) favoured the audience with open mic performances.

Then it was back to business with Andrew leading — more fun, hot tempos, syncopation, the ubiquitous kazoo, and great singing.

After a powerful Hotel California it was time us to leave, but from out in the car park, we could still hear them rocking!

Blair and Andrew take the lead. Image Credit: Tim Roberts

See more images from the day here on the Ibis Music Facebook Page

In line with government guidelines, all BUMS Inc activities have been suspended. Keep your eye on the BUMS Inc home page and the News & Events page for updates about the resumption of jams across Brisbane.

It is with much regret that I am announcing all jams and band practices for April and May are cancelled.

In line with the Federal Government’s health and safety guidelines to mitigate the spread of Covid 19, your BUMS committee have made this decision to protect all our members. Of course these cancellations will be reviewed regularly in line with the latest recommendations.

The BUMS committee are putting their creative minds together to create some fun online events for you even though we can’t be together at jams. Stay tuned for those announcements soon!

We wish any of you dealing with health concerns a quick recovery. To those who are self-isolating, here is an opportunity to learn that new style, strum or song which you never could find the time to do.

We are so lucky in the ukulele community to have so many who generously create tutorials, song arrangements and create online events. I ask you to please support your music community and teachers, perhaps this is a great time to take a lesson via Skype, or an online course you’ve may have put off.

Keep on strumming,

David Pedler

BUMS Inc President

To all our fabulous BUMS we are taking this action to keep everyone in our community safe. Many of our family are either in the high risk category for Covid 19 or care for others who are.

As a precaution to help limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and ensure the health and safety of all BUMS, all jams for the rest of March are cancelled.

TUTUS Jam at Toowong — Tuesday 17 March

BUMS Ferny Grove Jam — Wednesday 18 March

BUMS Northside Jam — Tuesday 24 March

Please contact the organisers of any other jam or event listed on our website as to whether they are going ahead.

Please everybody take common sense precautions as advised by health professionals and keep yourselves and your families safe.



Practising good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene and keeping away from others when they are — or if you are — sick is the best defence against most viruses. You also should:

    • wash your hands frequently with soap and water, before and after eating, and after going to the toilet
    • cover your cough and sneeze, dispose of tissues, and use alcohol-based hand sanitiser
    • if unwell, avoid contact with others (stay more than 1.5 metres from people)
    • exercise personal responsibility for social distancing measures

The good news we all know that playing your uke make you happy, so keep on playing at home. Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been practising at the open mics when we all get back to jamming!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, website and newsletter as to what is happening in April.

The BUMS Executive Committee.


Due to the current health crisis, TUTUs will be cancelled until further notice.

Max, our intrepid jam leader, falls into the high risk category for Covid 19 and has taken this decision to keep himself and the rest of the Tutus safe and healthy.

Stay tuned for updates on the rest of our jams.

Our best kept secret every third Tuesday of each month!
Come and jam with TUTUS, the Toowong Third Tuesday Ukulele Strummers, a small group of players who share the joy of strumming and a sing a long. They have no performance goal but from time to time may participate in community events. It’s a casual intimate jam on the verandah …. no ballet but plenty of strumming and friendly banter! Read a Review

For more info contact Max Borchardt phone 0402 071 483/ email , or Judy Haines email

No charge. All levels of players are welcome.
Refreshments are available from the bar, but no kitchen service operates at present.

VENUE: West Toowong Bowls Club – 17 Bywong Street, Toowong
TIME: Arrive 5:30 pm for a 6:00 pm start. Strumming through until 8:00 pm. All welcome!

Jam on the verandah, West Toowong Bowls Club, Dec 2018

Most of our songs come from the Internet. Visit our Ukulele Music (in the Ukulele Info menu) for links to Richard G’s songsheets, Bytown songbooks, and many more. The Bytown slow jam songbooks are great for beginners.

Other BUMS Inc jams and events are listed on our News & Events page.

For more ukulele fun, visit us on Facebook, or check out our performances on YouTube/BrisbaneUkulele!

Due to the current health crisis, BUMS Ferny Grove is cancelled for March, and April.

Stay tuned for updates and lots of fun that is being planned when we return to jamming.

Have you been to a Jam and felt overwhelmed and frustrated that you couldn’t keep up? The BUMS Ferny Grove Jam is for you.

This jam is led by experienced musicians Paul Morris of Morris Brothers Music and Linda Gough of Ivory Frets Music. Easy Playing Classics. A relaxing low key jam with easy chords, that’s lots of fun for uke players at all levels, every third Wednesday of the month. It’s also a great opportunity for more experienced players to practise their finger-style technique.

Paul and Linda choose popular songs, played at a nice easy (slower) pace. The songs are curated to be fun to sing, with most songs using the most common chords – Am, A7, C, C7, D, Dm, D7, F, G7, G. A friendly crowd if you need a hand just ask!

VENUE: Ferny Grove Bowls Sport & Community Club, 20 Tramway Street, Ferny Grove QLD 4055.
COST: BUMS members FREE and visitors $5. This includes the Beginners Class.
TIMES: Beginners class at 6:00 pm followed by Jam at 7:00 pm

For all very new players, Dianne Davis and Donna Farrell  hold a beginners lesson before the jam starting at 6:00 pm. Learn how to hold your uke, how to strum, how to read chord charts and how to play some basic chords. This introduction will give absolutely new players a grasp of the basics that helps them to participate in and enjoy the jam.

Derek Farrell has an excellent resource website to support your finger-style practise.

Most of our songs come from the Internet. Visit our Ukulele Music (in the Ukulele Info menu) for links to Richard G’s songsheets, Bytown songbooks, and many more. The Bytown slow jam songbooks are great for beginners.

Other BUMS Inc jams and events are listed on our News & Events page.

For more ukulele fun, visit us on Facebook, or check out our performances on YouTube/BrisbaneUkulele!