June Absolute Beginners Ukulele Bootcamp

Back by popular demand …

Julie, John and Keryn are offering another chance to come to Absolute Beginners Ukulele Bootcamp … absolutely FREE.

Our next Absolute Beginners Ukulele Bootcamp will run on two consecutive Wednesday evenings in June 2018.

Attendance is specifically for absolute beginners. Group size is limited to 16 participants. Players who already know C, F & G7, please don’t apply.

In true Bootcamp style, we do the hard yards. There’s lots of boring basics, and dreadful drill and practice to build your strength and confidence. In each two-hour session we present a lot of material, so you’ll need to commit to practising 10-15 minutes a day to achieve mastery.

Sessions run from 7-9 pm on Wednesday 6 and 13 June 2018.

Registration: Please register at https://www.trybooking.com/VUMM. Registering via Trybooking enrols you in both sessions. Please only apply if you are available for both sessions. Registrations close 7:00 pm on Friday 30 May 2018.

Uke Tricks To Make You Sound Like A Pro Workshop- 16 May

Uke Tricks ….to make you sound like a Pro. Derek Farrell shows you how with some simple tricks, you can learn how to unleash the power of your hands and take your playing to a whole new level.

Taking a couple of simple tunes to get you started, he’ll show you how to use your chord hand and your strumming hand to really lift your songs. This is suitable for anyone who can find their way around the common chords.

One night only – this is a FREE workshop with the Ferny Grove Jam admission.

The workshop starts at 6:00 pm then stay to jam 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

VENUE: Ferny Grove Bowls Sport & Community Club,
20 Tramway Street, Ferny Grove QLD 4055.

COST: BUMS members FREE and visitors $5. This includes the Workshop “Uke Tricks to make you sound like a Pro” (and the Beginners Class).

TIMES:  Workshop 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm 


Derek has been teaching the Beginners Finger-style Group before the Ferny Grove Jam since 2014.

His classes have advanced members who are comfortable with ukulele chords and strumming, to the next level of playing adding basic finger style techniques. Derek has a structured lesson plan, and provides files on line to aid participants practice at home. He has generously shared lots of great resources and lessons from his finger-styling group at www.totallyinsane.com.au/uke/

Derek has also taught-  Build The Blues Workshop, Left Hand Techniques, and Intermediate strumming Techniques for Brisbane Ukulele, as well as workshops at festivals around Queensland including SPRUKE Brisbane’s Ukulele Festival.


Uke Plays Irish meet weekly Thursdays at Toowong Bowls Club.

Toowong Twin Session Turns One

The celebrations keep growing – May also marks the 12 months anniversary for Ukulele Plays Irish.

The Toowong Twin Sessions are led by Brendan Williams and Peter McMeel and are designed for those players looking for a new challenge who want to advance their skills in a new direction. Read all about it here www.brisbaneukulele.com/ukulele-plays-irish/

Session One on Thursdays from 5:30 – 6:30 now includes the Irish harp as well as the amazing D tuned Ukuleles playing Irish Traditional Music. There’s a hint of Bluegrass sneaking into our sessions as well.

Session One is well pitched to beginners while they let their hair down in Session Two- 7- 9 PM.

The session keeps getting better and better. We have over a dozen regular players and singers.
A regular Irish Traditional Music Session is still the best free way to learn music on the planet. Our regulars would agree.

Peter McMeel

If you’d like to have a go yourself,  join Brendan and Peter at Ukulele Plays Irish this Thursday and help them celebrate their first year. DATE: Thursday 3 May – and every Thursday
VENUE: Toowong Bowls Club, 59 Gailey Road, Taringa QLD 4068
TIME: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm. The session extends into “All Instruments” at around 6:30 pm and continues till around 8 pm.
NOTES: Ukes tuned in D for Celtic. Notes on tuning here on the original post- Ukulele Plays Irish.

Peter McMeel

Brendan Williams

IJAM- Welcome to Music 2018 PLAYshop

This is a fun based day of playing and improvising on a variety of instruments, but of course it is ukulele based!

Susie Davies-Splitter & Phil Splitter of IJAM music presents An exciting, brand new, all day PLAYshop- Welcome to Music!


330 Cliveden Ave, Corinda.

20 minutes from the CBD. Street parking.

A focus on the inclusive Orff Shulwerk approach featuring ‘Black Belt Ukulele 1 & 2 (NEW)’ and some must have favourites from other albums. Learn how to play, sing, move and teach new tunes on the ukulele for early childhood and primary school.

This PLAYshop will focus on speech, body percussion, games, singing, movement, recorders (BYO) and percussion. For the ukulele (BYO), attention will be given to finger picking, simple one, two and three finger chords and opportunities for improvisation.

This is perfect for beginners and advanced players. Activities will be in various styles including jazz, blues etc. Get ready to ‘Take Orff’ with Susie and Phil!

This PLAYshop is ideal for new ukulele players who wish to get a handle on mastering their instrument as well as for educators in BUMS to gain a valuable insight on how to alternatively teach ukulele.


Registration at 8:30. PLAY shop 9:00 – 3:00 pm
Lunch and morning tea is included.

BUMS members can receive a $10 discount on their ticket. All you need to do is inform IJAM when making your booking.

Reserve your place now, as numbers are limited! Final registration and monies due 27th of April. Contact IJAM for remaining spaces after that date.  IJAM Music Ph. 1300 663279 Fax: 1300 663219

Download the flyer with more registration details HERE.

Workshop IJam Brisbane 18Susie Davies-Splitter is an accomplished music and movement educator and composer, whilst Phil Splitter is an experienced musician, presenter and composer and together they have developed the popular ‘Welcome to Music’ Series and presented and performed throughout Australia and around the world.

IJAM Music Education: https://www.ijam.com.au/



Islander Ukulele Raffle for April 2018

This stunning handcrafted Islander tenor ukulele could be yours!

We kick off our 2019 festival fundraising with this beautiful instrument donated by our generous SPRUKE Festival sponsors Kanileá Ukuleles from Hawaii.

• Solid spruce top, maple laminate sides and back
• Slot-head with geared tuners
• 1.5″ at the nut
• Custom fret markers
• Pick guard
• Cut-away
• Bridge pins
• Beveled arm-rest (ebony)

This eye catching ukulele features an arm rest which means no line on your forearm when you play, and the strings are spaced nicely for easy finger-picking. Valued at $800.

TICKETS 3 for $5 OR $2 each

Tickets are on sale at Coorparoo, Toowong, Ferny Grove, and Northside jams through April and the raffle will be drawn at The Big Uke 11th Birthday Jam at Coorparoo in May.

Help us fundraise and take a book to sell or bring a few dollars to the next jam for your ticket!


BUMS Give the Gift of Music

Do you have a ukulele languishing in the corner that you no longer play?
Have you moved on to a new instrument and now your old uke is unloved and getting dusty.
Do you suffer from UAS (ukulele acquisition syndrome) and need to declutter?
Do you need an excuse to upgrade to a new ukulele?

We can help you solve all these problems!

BUMS Inc has been asked to help a small rural school requesting 20 ukuleles so they can start a music program.

Rural Aid Australia has a wonderful program called Gift of Music which helps enable disadvantaged children in rural and remote areas gain access to musical instruments, through the donation of preloved/no longer used (and new) band and orchestral instruments.

All BUMS know the positive benefits of playing music and the joy that comes from playing and singing with ukulele. It is widely acknowledged that music, learning music and being part of an ensemble, can play a significant role in students’ learning outcomes. Sadly for many rural students there aren’t always the instruments available.

The gift of ukuleles to a rural school in need, can change many children’s lives.Donate a uke this month for Gift of Music.

Our goal is to collect and donate 20 ukuleles.

You can help by donating a ukulele, preloved, new, any size or colour.

You can also donate any other instrument or help with a cash donation, which will be put towards the purchase of instruments or the repair of useful donated instruments.

We will be collecting at EVERY JAM through April. 

Bring your donations and join us for a jam on;

Wednesday 4 April — BUMS Coorparoo Jam at Coorparoo Bowls Club, 32 Riddings Street Coorparoo
7:00 pm. BUMS members FREE and visitors $5

Wednesday 11 April — BUMS Daytime Jam at Toowong Bowls Club, 59 Gailey Road,Perrin Park, Toowong
Jam from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. Free to members, $5 for visitors

Friday 13 April — WE BUMS Jam at West End at Hope St Cafe, 170 Boundary St, West End
6:30 pm. Gold coin donation.

Wednesday 18 April — Ferny Grove Beginners Jam at Ferny Grove Bowls Sport & Community Club, 20 Tramway Street, Ferny Grove, 7:00 pm. BUMS members FREE and visitors $5

Sunday 15 April — The Scratch Jam at The Scratch Bar, 8/1 Park Road, Milton
12:30 pm. FREE

Tuesday 24 April — Northside Jam at Northern Suburbs Bowls Club, 175 Edinburgh Castle Road, Wavell Heights
7:00 pm. BUMS members FREE and visitors $5

The official donation to Gift of Music will be made to Wayne Thomson at the May Coorparoo Jam. BUMS will be celebrating our 11th Birthday by giving the gift of music to a rural school.

Ukuleles are the instrument that Gift of Music gets the most requests for. So if we collect more than 20 ukes be assured they will find a new appreciative homes.

The gift of music can change a child’s life. The gift of ukuleles to a rural school in need, can change many children’s lives.





BUMS record for EveryOneBand

BUMS has been invited to join EveryOneBand, the biggest band and largest interactive recording project ever! This is a fundraiser for the Australian Music Charity, Support Act.

This will be a great project for BUMS to record as a group.

Check out the Launch Video here!

Who else is in the band? Everyone from Jimmy Barnes to Kasey Chambers, from The Baby Animals to Midnight Oil. More than 1200 people so far! Check out www.everyoneband.com to see a full list of band members.

BUMS will record ourselves playing along with  our BUMS band leader to the original song “Stand By You”. Ukulele only- no vocals. We then send in our audio file. When EveryOneBand has received everyone’s files and mixed the song, the single will be released with 100% of all record royalties and profits going to Support Act. Due sometime in May 2018.

BUMS Inc is recording on
7:00- 9:00PM



1. Register to play at BUMS recording for EveryOneBand

* indicates required


2. Join EveryOneBand

Even though our recording will be of all BUMS playing together jam style– each player needs to join EveryOneBand individually, so you can see your own name on the EveryOneBand members list and agree to the terms & conditions.

Join as yourself and enter Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society as your band. If you are sending an additional recording of yourself (singing or playing another instrument) with another band add that band as well. Joining is free, quick and easy.


Once you have joined  the band you can download backing tracks to practice to. Although there is a uke chart of the song ‘Stand By You’ available we want you to download the BUMS formatted ‘Stand By You’ song sheet

3. DOWNLOAD the BUMS song sheet of Stand By You

This is the one we’ll be using on recording night. It’ll  look more familiar if you’re a regular jam player!

DOWNLOAD PDF HERE (112 KB) Stand By You-uke-lyrics-link-BUMS

4. Practice the song”Stand By You” with the backing track.


5. Bring your Uke to Coorparoo Bowls Club, Wednesday 28 March 7 PM  and be ready to record

There will be a run through of “Stand By You” at Ferny Grove and Northside Jams. We’ll also have a few rehearsals on the night before we commence the recording session.

You’ll be able to tell the kids and grandkids that you’re in a band with Barnesy, Paul Kelly and The Oils, it’s the biggest band ever, you’ve got a #1 hit – and a ‘Gold’ award to prove it!

The only rule of EveryOneBand is that no one gets a free record. So we all have to buy, download and/or stream the track as much as possible – and get our friends and family to as well! That’s how we’ll top the charts, go gold – and most importantly, raise money for Support Act.

Pre-order your single or download from the EveryOneBand store – each one counts towards the chart position and gold target. There is also t-shirts, etc. for sale! 100% of all recording royalties and Merchandising profit goes to Support Act, the Australian Music Charity. Buy a T-shirts and wear it to the recording!

Tell your band members and uke friends and come be a part of something epic and unique – the biggest band ever.

If you have any questions please contact Jo Kunde via mediamanager@brisbaneukulele.com

Changes to Northside Jam – But it’s Business as Usual

Fond farewells, thanks and good things to come! 

Longtime valued BUMS member Tony Richardson announced he was off to begin a dream job in Melbourne. As happy as we are for Tony to follow this opportunity we are sad to lose him from the society. Tony was often found supporting set leaders at Coorparoo, lending Blair a hand with the audio visual and noodling around with other members, and has always been a great ambassador for BUMS. Tony performed and MC’d at SPRUKE Brisbane’s Ukulele Festival and was the leader of the Bumsteaders – Brisbane’s Bluegrass Ukulele Band. Tony also hosted House concerts at his home for touring Uke players.

Most of all, many will know Tony as the leader of the Northside Jam. In 2012, the society identified a need for a jam closer to our members on the other side of the river and Tony established the Northside Jam at the Chermside Bowls Club. That first night we were jamming everything from classic rock and folk to songs from Hawaii. Tony started ‘Build a Band’ which encouraged random audience members to go off, run through a song then come back and lead the rest of the group.  A gentle introduction to public performance and  great way to meet new people! From about 40 people that first night, the Northside Jam grew until it got too big for the bar of the Chermside Bowls Club and the Northside jam moved to the Northern Suburb Bowls Club at Wavell Heights in 2014.

Along with Tony the Northside Jam has had lots of great people pitching in – Cath McCourt backing on the U-bass;  Keryn Henderson, Michelle Paddy, Chrissy Heinrich, Gary Collins and Marg Monaghan teaching the Beginners class before the jam; lots of friendly committee members to welcome jammers at the door, set up the audio visual gear and run the projector. Many members have stepped up to for open mic and to lead sets Peter Ransom, Anything Goes, NUMBBUMS, The Trippy Hippies, Duke Uke’m, Ukulele Saints and many more. It takes a lot of enthusiastic dedicated people to keep the jams humming!

When the news broke that Tony was leaving us for Melbourne, Peter Grace and Andrew Hunt volunteered to step in as Jam leaders for Northside. Regular Northside jammers will recognise Peter and Andrew as they are regulars and have both performed at open mics.  They are also members of BUMS community band NUMB BUMS. Peter plays in the Ukulele Saints quartet and the Spare Parts band.

Peter Grace and Andrew Hunt take over from Tony Richardson as leaders at BUMS Northside Jam.

Peter Grace( Center) and Andrew Hunt (L) take over from Tony Richardson (R) as leaders at BUMS Northside Jam.

Peter, Andrew and friends are fired up for the first Northside jam of the year on Tuesday 23 January. The beginner’s class will be lead by uke teacher and performer Erin Harrington before the jam starting at 6.30pm.

Peter and Andrew are introducing a re-energised format to the jam with more variety, more leaders and some new features to get you more involved. Come and join the fun and let them know what you think of the new format.

Peter Grace (0411 543 296) and Andrew Hunt (0410 529 591).

You can find all the BUMS Inc ukulele jams around Brisbane, festivals and other BUMS events here on our News & Events.

Check out BUMS Inc performances on YouTube/BrisbaneUkulele and join us on Facebook @BrisbaneUkulele for all the latest news and pics.

Morris Brothers Ukulele Expo

Morris Brothers Music Store are having a HUGE Ukulele Expo.


Saturday 2 December – Sunday 10 December

See and try a huge selection of ukuleles from Hawaii, over the USA, Australia, and all over the world, from $35 to $2,000.

Just in time for all your Christmas shopping is the big Market Sale, with heaps of music and gift ideas from $2.

Enter prize draws and giveaways.

Bring a friend and introduce them to what must be the perfect Christmas gift – a ukulele! The friendly and talented staff will get anyone playing in 5 minutes!


Under New Management

Congratulations to the members of the 2017-2018 BUMS Inc Management Committee on their recent appointments.

Max Borchardt (President) president@brisbaneukulele.com
Amanda Allwood (Vice President)
Judy Matthews (Secretary) secretary@brisbaneukulele.com
Vacant (Assistant Secretary)
Colin Grant (Treasurer) treasurer@brisbaneukulele.com
Liz Crunkhorn (Assistant Treasurer)
Rob Carlyle (IT Officer)
John Henderson (Gigmeister) gigmeister@brisbaneukulele.com
Blair Marks (Properties Manager)
Joann Kunde (Media Manager) mediamanager@brisbaneukulele.com
Garry Collins (Events Manager)

Management Committee

Rob, Col, Garry, Liz, 2017-18 Committee – Blair, Amanda, Max, Judy, Jo & John (at front).

New President, Max, and Vice President, Amanda, will be well supported by returning committee members, Judy, Col, Liz, Jo, Garry, John and Blair.

A big thank you to Rob Carlyle for taking on the role of IT Officer, and to past Treasurer, Garry, for returning to the brand new role of Events Manager.

If you’re keen to contribute, please contact Max. You haven’t missed out. We’re still looking for a Festival Director for 2019, and an Assistant Secretary.