It’s been a dream, long in the making, for the inaugural BUMS Inc President, Bruce Uhlhorn, and past BUMS Inc Vice President & Secretary, Milton Scully. (I recall them first mentioning it around 2012.) But this year, Gentlemen of the Limit are making it a reality — an ‘out-n-back’ tour to raise funds for local causes. If you’re on the road in July, please rock up to enjoy one of their performances and contribute to a worthy cause.

The Gentlemen — Bruce and Milton and their mates, Noel Langton and Marty Silec — are taking their live show on the road to perform at outback towns between Miles and Winton in western Queensland between 10 and 24 of July.

Gentlemen of the Limit

Gentlemen of the Limit – Milton Scully, Noel Langton, Marty Silec and Bruce Uhlhorn

The Band

The Gentlemen of the Limit (GOTL) is a superannuated band of blokes — a kind of ‘Musical Men’s Shed”— living out their musical fantasies now that they no longer have to actually make a living.
For the past five years they’ve played their old stuff, new stuff and original stuff at regular gigs at West End’s Bearded Lady and a few other places around the traps.

Band Members
Milton Scully — Guitar, Uke & Vocals
Bruce Uhlhorn — Tenor Guitar, Baritone Uke, Banjo Uke & Vocals
Noel Langton — Bass, Guitar & Vocals
Marty Silec — Harp, Accordion & Vocals

Their  Original Stuff

Listen to some of their original stuff on songtrdr.

A Grand Plan

In early 2019, Gentlemen of the Limit played at a Brewery in Port Campbell along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Their “World Tour Of Port Campbell” was so much fun, they decided that a more ambitious tour was called for. In keeping with our humble musical ambitions, they resolved to focus on out-of-the-way places never included in real musical tours. “GOTL’s World Tour of Slovenia” and similar unheralded destinations were enthusiastically planned with the help of much social lubricant.
However, the reality of COVID forced them to keep their touring horizons more locally restrained. So, they’re embarking on a “GOTL Out-n-Back Tour”!

The Out-n-Back Tour

Commencing 9 July 2021, the 16-day tour takes them from Brisbane, head west across the black soils of the Darling Downs, up to Longreach, on to the outback red dust of Winton, then back to
Brisbane. Deliberately avoiding the larger regional centres, they’re focusing meagre musical muscle on smaller rural communities. Along the way they’ll foist their brand of original music and versions (we don’t do covers) to unsuspecting country folk from Drillham to Yaraka.

Brisbane to Winton (and back) Tour Itinerary

5:30 pm — Sat 10 July — Drillham Hall — a little west of Miles
6:00 pm — Sun 11 July — Charleville RSL — Charleville
7:00 pm — Wed 14 July — Yaraka Hotel — Isisford
8:00 pm — Fri 16 July — Union Hotel — Blackall
5:00 pm — Sat 17 July — The Birdcage Hotel — Longreach
4:00 pm — Tue 20 July — Waltzing Maltilda Centre — Winton
7:30 pm — Fri 23 July — Injune Hotel — Injune
7:00 pm — Sat 24 July — The Queensland Hotel — Miles

Charitable Causes

Along the way the Gentlemen will raise money for various charities. The host venues were asked to suggest local ‘good causes’ to be recipients of the concert proceeds. Bruce Uhlhorn explains:
“In our retirement we like to give back, so our motto is ‘music for good’! We’re funding the tour ourselves, not expecting payment for any gigs (well, we will always accept a beer or two). Never ones to waste an audience, we determined that each gig should benefit the local community. Every venue along the tour is invited to use our performance as a fundraiser for their favourite local cause. Our kick-off gig at Drillham (near Miles) will raise much-needed funds for their local school.”

Charitable causes are a way of life for Milton and Bruce. In January 2011, the BUMS committee ran the first BUMS fund-raising concert and jam to support flood relief.

Muster Ukes, 2015

Muster Ukes, 2015 – Geoff Smith, Cesca Lejeune, Bruce Uhlhorn, Milton Scully, Tony & Sue Moore

Then, along with WeBUMS organisers, Geoff Smith and Cesca Lejeune, Bruce and Milton donated all the proceeds of their three Gympie Muster gigs (2013-2015) as Muster Ukes to separate charities chosen by each of the group members. In addition, following his three-year stint as BUMS President, Bruce worked tirelessly for Radio Lollipop, promoting the concept around the globe.

If you’re broadening your horizons this July, and you’re out and about in western Queensland, tailor your trip to take in an Out-n-Back concert or two. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If you’d like to see them closer to home, try

  • 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Sunday 20 June at The Bearded Lady, 138 Boundary St, West End 4101, and
  • 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm on Sunday 27 June at The Chill Cafe, 7 Dickson Street, Wooloowin 4030.



BUMS invited to Busk

A Busking and Handmade Market Day is to be held on Saturday 26th June from 10am to 2pm at The Australian Academy of Music, 302 Southpine Rd, Brendale. This is also the official launch of the second series of aPurla hand made ukuleles, made by local luthier Mitchell Morris. Some of you already have one of his first series, and this is your opportunity to check out his new collection.

BUMS members are invited to attend if they would like to busk, registration can be made at The Australian Academy of Music from 19 June or on the day. The backline will be provided drums, PA, microphone, music stand, AUX lead for backing track if required. BYO ukulele, drum sticks (any other instrument) and backing racks.

If you share your performance on Facebook remember to tag it #BrisUkes!

Mitchell will be there with his ukuleles as well as his hand made Kalimbas; his wife Layne makes instrument straps and jewelry. The market will also feature several other local artists and makers selling everything from baked goods to art work, pottery, candles and other delights.

Download a PDF with all details Busking day

The Australian Academy of Music often have busking days for their students and community. “Its a great opportunity to play in public in a very friendly atmosphere, and once we found out how many talented artisans and makers we had within our community we thought it would be great to support these locals by hosting a market day as well. It also gives the busking event an authentic feel for the musicians and any coins collected by the buskers are donated to local charities.” says Lesley Morris, director.

Bring the family or your own audience if you are busking , coins for the buskers, and some dollars to enjoy all the treats at the market.

WHERE: The Australian Academy of Music, 302 Southpine Rd, Brendale
DATE: Saturday 26th June
TIME: 10am to 2pm


Valla Beach Ukulele Camp & Beach Party

Urunga, NSW on 13, 14 & 15 August 2021

Great workshops and fabulous concerts are the features of the 2021 Valla Beach Uke Camp program. This year’s focus is on songwriting with your ukulele, playing jazz uke and special sessions for Ubass players. What more could you ask for?

AND … three in-depth Friday ukulele institutes with:

  • songwriter-performer, Lucy Wise or
  • jazz-man, Sam Lemann or
  • bass teacher-performer, Stewart Peters

Bookings open on Friday 18 June at 7:00 am.

Special Guests of the 2021 VBUC & Beach Party are:

  • Jack n Jel
  • Mac n Wall
  • The Australian Ukulele Orchestra
  • Ruth Allen
  • Snez & Steward
  • The Wild Women of Anywhere Beach


Bookings open on Friday 18 June at the reasonable time of 7:00 am.

Visit  to register. Be sure to check the options on the workshop schedule before you book.

Places are limited because of COVID restrictions, so get in fast.

By purchasing a ticket you agree to observe all the COVID-safety precautions listed in the conditions of entry posted on our ‘Info‘ web page.


Big Uke Training is offering a dozen online workshops for ukulele players for the weekend of 26-27 June 2021. The workshop cater to a range of abilities and interests, including some for absolute beginners and others for seasoned performers.

Presenters are from Australian, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States.

Sessions include:

Saturday 26 June

10:00 am – Alternative stringed instrument techniques and tricks for the novice

11:15 am – Spice up your strumming

12:30 pm – Learn a new children’s song and increase your confidence

1:45 pm – Introduction to the blues

3:00 pm – Songwriting: getting started, getting ideas, tricks for lyrics by Bernard de la Couer (suitable for absolute beginners)

4:15 pm – Working with other musicians, without hassle or homicide by Gaille Horsely (Assumes you are up to performing on stage, and other people actually want to play with you.)

5:30 pm – Scales, chords and changing keys: basic music theory by Richard Snow (suitable for absolute beginners)

Sunday 27 June

10:00 am – The easiest barre chord song in the world by Kirk Jones (suitable for absolute beginners)

11:15 am – Arrangement: making songs more interesting by Amie Brulee

12:30 pm – ‘Island Strum’ and beyond (need a bit more knowledge)

2:15 pm – Stage presentation: making performances more interesting and engaging the audience

3:30 pm – Aloha from Singapore: Ukulele show by Daniel Purnomo (essentially a concert by a guy who was a finalist, twice in the world ukulele competition in Hawaii.)

5:15 pm – Moving chords up the neck (need a bit more knowledge),

All sessions are online. Most workshops will use Zoom. One presenter might use another package, and will advise people in his classes directly.

Visit the Big Uke Training website to find out workshop fees, and how to register and join the online sessions.

2020-2021 — What an amazing year!

Enjoying our Facebook BUMS Online jams launched in March 2020, and delivering ticketed COVID-safe jams, and publishing Play-Along videos and songsheets in BUMS Online.

All of these activities were made possible by our creative Media Manager, Jo Kunde, and wonderful jam organisers:

  • Max & Karen Borchardt,
  • Peter & Jenny Grace,
  • Linda Gough & Paul Morris,
  • Andrew & Sylvia Hunt, and
  • Sue & Peter Sercombe.

They’ve done a fantastic job under unusual circumstances.  And our roving photographers, Angie McGrath and Jenny Grace made sure we have lasting memories of our ukulele moments.

Our dedicated and energetic Treasurer, Lesley Allan, offset the cost of running smaller jams, by offering ‘club’ t-shirts for sale at jams, and running monthly raffles with magnificent prizes.

The Management Committee would like to thank our members for their loyal support and enduring enthusiasm throughout the pandemic.

We hope you’re ready for an exhilarating ride into 2021-2022. Plans are underway for expanding our activities.

Membership Fee Reminder

Membership fees of $50 are due on 1 July 2021.

Renewing Members

Please remember that to stay eligible to use BUMS Online and take advantage of the Play-Along video-songsheet resources you must be financial.

To ensure you receive the promo-code for COVID-safe jams, and stay on BUMS Online, pay membership as early as possible.

Please note: Promocodes for July jams will be emailed to financial members on about 26 June 2021.

New Member Offer

If you join between now and 1 June you’ll score one month’s free access to jams and BUMS Online.

Information about how to become a BUM, or renew your membership, is available from our Membership web page.

Our Member Benefits page shows what BUMS Inc offers you.

All Jam Bookings are via the BUMS Trybooking Event web page.

There are many ukulele tutorials on YouTube and one is called Get Strumming presented by a Pommie guy called Dominic.

He has done a blog about ex-Beatle George Harrison – a renowned ukulele enthusiast. For instance, George had many ukuleles at home. When he had a dinner party, he would hand each of the guests a uke and get them all to play.

At the end of the blog, Dominic reads a letter that George wrote on 2 February 1989. It is on a letterhead of Flea Market Music Inc based in Los Angeles. Flea Market Music was set up by Jim Beloff, an early uke promoter, who operated one of the first shops in America dedicated to ukuleles.

The letter reads:

Everyone should have and play a ’UKE’. It’s so simple to carry with you and it is one instrument you can’t play and not laugh.


It’s so sweet and also very old – some are made of wood – some are made of armadillo. I love them – the more the merrier.


Everybody I know who is into the ukulele is ‘crackers’ so get yourself a few and enjoy yourself.


Sounds like good advice.

The letter is signed George ‘Keoki’ Harrison and he has sketched an image of a ukulele. By the way, Keoki is a Hawaiian word meaning farmer and a variant of George.

Story behind the letter

The letter is the foreword for a song book called Jumpin’ Jims 60s Uke-In compiled by Jim Beloff of Flea Market Music. The book includes a number of Beatles tunes arranged for ukulele as well as some songs from George.

Jim Beloff tells the story behind the letter. According to Jim, George visited his home after reading Jim’s book about the history of the ukulele to see Jim’s ukulele collection. During the visit, Jim asked George to write a few words about ukuleles, and George wrote the note.  When Jim was preparing to publish his 60s compilation book, the first to include sheet music of Beatles songs for ukulele, he received George’s permission to publish the letter as the foreword.

Read more about Jim Beloff from this great article from Ukulele Magazine.  This is a fantastic ukulele journey over 26 years.


Our group program is a fun and transforming journey for anyone wanting to really kick start their musical practice, feel inspired and experience what is truly possible. The ukulele is used as a gateway for finding your own unique path in healing, creative confidence, fun, joy, performance and so much more in our online community. This is a 3-month intensive program tailored to the goals of each participant within the group.

Some of the Areas Covered

– Strumming from beginner to advanced techniques (straight and swing styles, hand percussion, triplet and rhythm creation)
– Reading tab and fingerpick scales from beginner to intermediate levels
– Understanding the basics behind the music
– Unlocking the keys to creating on the ukulele
– Creative collaboration with group members
– Learning how to riff
– How to play along to your favourite songs
– Singing and playing
– Chord knowledge, games and theory


You’ll walk away with more confidence to share and express yourself, creativity, inspiration, new perspective, new musicianship skills, connections to like minded individuals and a better understanding of your own authentic style.

To enquire about enrolment, contact Erin at  or phone 0423 378 392

Drawn at the Northside Billy Bob Jam on 25 May 2021. Thank you to our wonderful sponsors, and congratulations to our winners!


1st Prize: Frank Buckley    Orange F22

2nd Prize: Garry Madigan    Blue D08

3rd Prize: Leanne Williams    Blue J58

Frank happened to be on stage setting up for the next set and was very surprised to be a winner

Frank’s surprise

Confidence is the best accessory!

Fake it until you make it with this great pack of ukulele accessories. You’ll look like a pro!

So when you get to a jam this May bring a couple of dollars for our Raffle.

Tickets are $2 each.

Drawn 25 May at the ‘Billy Bob’ Northside Jam.

Guitto GGS-01B Professional Foldable Music Stand with duffle bag RRP $63.67
Guitto GSS-01 Guitar/Ukulele floor stand RRP $29.95
Bamboo Table Music Book Stand RRP $36.48
Ukulele Hook to suit GGS-01B Music Stand RRP $17.95
Ukulele Chord Melody Songbook RRP $41.95
Ukulele Chord Dictionary RRP $24.00
RRP Total $214.

With 2 x Runner Up packs each with CDs, strings, and a Festival T.

Many thanks to our supporters Trevor Gollagher of Southwest Studios and Binary Music.



Miss Elm hosts a 60s & 70s Beginners Ukulele Workshop!

Go back in time with us as we jive through the 60s and 70s learning some of your favourite songs from The Beatles, Beach Boys and more!

Come dressed for swinging into the 60s and 70s as we sing and strum the night away.


Thursday 13 May, 7:00-9:00pm


Jumping Goats Bar, 4/295 Oxley Ave, Margate Qld 4019

Find out more

To find out more about the night, how to find Jumping Goats Bar and how to get tickets click on