The Ukulele Rockers Deluxe Beginner's Group program


Are you someone who:

  • Have no clue where to begin your Uke journey?
  • Ready to explore new creative pathways with the Ukulele as your starting vehicle?
  • Feel like you’re running around in circles with your practice?
  • Would you like to gain more confidence and fill in those gaps on your instrument?
  • Do you need a place to be kept accountable to achieve your goals?
  • Have you neglected your inner child and just want a space to play and experiment with music and creativity?
  • Are you READY to jump in the deep and truly back your creative dreams?

It all starts with a bit of Ukulele Practice and someone to help you get there!

The Ukulele Rockers Deluxe Beginner’s Group program is a fun and transforming journey for anyone wanting to really kick start their musical practice, feel inspired and experience what is truly possible. The Ukulele is used as a gateway for finding your own unique path in; healing, creative confidence, fun, joy, performance and so much more in our online community. This is an 8 week intensive program tailored to the goals of each participant within the group.

Run by Miss Elm, a ukulele teacher of 5+ years, performer and endorsed Lanikai Artist.

If you would like to join simply click here or email for more info.

More about Erin HERE in her Ukulele Teachers profile.

The big event of the 2022 SPRUKE festival is SPRUKE in the Square – that being King George Square, in the heart of Brisbane.
If you haven’t been to King George Square for a while (and a lot of people haven’t with COVID restrictions), it’s between Ann and Adelaide Streets in front of the Brisbane City Hall. Opposite City Hall is the Pig ‘N’ Whistle pub and just inside City Hall is the Shingle Inn (a stylish café).
On Saturday 11th June it will look totally different because Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society (BUMS Inc) will take it over for a day of fun, fun and more fun with our ukuleles.
Our aim is to provide something for everyone, be they experienced uke players, beginners, people who just like the uke or people who want to find what it’s all about. How can such a little instrument generate such fun?
There will be four stages, beginner’s sessions and a ukulele market.

Main performance area
This will be right in front of City Hall. It will have two stages – the Morris Brother’s Stage at the Ann Street end will be used by our big community bands and for the evening event, Ukulele Under the Stars (UUTS).
The Binary Music stage will be at the Adelaide Street end. As a performance is happening on one stage, the other stage will be setting up so there will be minimal delays between acts. We’ll start at 9.00am and finish at 9.00pm – twelve hours of ukulele sounds mostly from bands based in SE Queensland.
There will be chairs laid out between the two stages and some shade cover under gazebos. In the afternoon, King George Square is in the shade of city buildings.
There will be a mammoth LED screen next to the Morris Brother’s stage. It will be used for the big jam in the evening – Ukulele Under the Stars. During the day will be used for public announcements, videos, sponsors messages, and telling you what’s on next.

Themed jams
Over the Pig ‘N’ Whistle pub is a ramp that leads to a space called the Deck. It is a perfect place to run jams. There will be seven 30-minute jams running on the hour from 10.00am to 4.00pm. They will run like the normal BUMS jams with a jam leader presenting 7-8 songs which will be displayed on a screen. Each jam will have a theme –like 60s rock and roll, Beatles, Seekers, or something like that. The promotional material will explain if the songs are easy or more challenging so you can choose which one(s) suit you.

Open mic
Speaker’s Corner is between the Pig ‘N’ Whistle and Adelaide Street. It is a place where any orator can hector the crowds with their opinion on any subject. From 9.00am on Saturday 11th June it will be taken over by BUMS Inc as an open mic place. Just turn up and see the MC if you want to strut your stuff or put your name on the white board to book a time.

Beginner’s sessions
On the ramp running up to the Deck we will have a tent for beginners to try their hand at learning a few chords and playing a song or two. We will have ukuleles for you to try. Sessions will run on the half hour, starting from 10.30am to 3.30pm. We’re not going to make you a star in half an hour but do enough to show the magic of the ukulele.

Ukulele market
No festival would be complete without the chance to buy a ukulele (or another ukulele) and other musical items. The market will be housed in the treed area at the Ann Street end of the square.

In case you were wondering, there are well furnished toilets just inside the front door of City Hall and a public toilet behind the Pig ‘N’ Whistle.
Bring a water bottle to keep hydrated. There is a place to replenish your water at the Ann Street end of the square.
The Pig ‘N’ Whistle will be open for drinks and special deal meals from 11.00am. They will also provide coffee and tea for a gold coin. The Shingle Inn just inside City Hall will offer special deals on meals from 9.00am to 3.00pm.
Obviously being in the centre of the city means there are other shops and eating and drinking places close by.
We will set up a cloakroom tent, so you have somewhere to safely leave your gear.
There will be two security guards patrolling the square to ensure everyone is safe and unwanted bystanders or skate boarders are encouraged to move on.

Ukulele Under the Stars (UUTS)
At about 4.30pm, the outer stages will start shutting down in preparation for the finale of SPRUKE on the Square. There will be performances by some of our top bands and ukulele stars from SE Queensland.
The main event will be a jam with the words and chords displayed on the giant LED screen. As well as a range of simple and challenging songs to play, there will be a segment like a ‘pub choir’. The leader will coach you to sing the parts of a song and play along at the same time. It’s a first – and promises to be fun.

This is a free event for BUMS members, anyone who plays ukulele, anyone who’d like to play ukulele and the general public. Our aim is to bring people back to the city for a day of fun and ukulele.

UPDATED 21 April 2022. Feeling sick? Stay home. Get tested

BUMS Inc are keeping a close eye on the latest directives from Qld Health. We need your cooperation to ensure our jams and events are COVID-safe. On 2 December 2021, Queensland’s declared public health emergency for COVID-19 was extended to 11.59pm on Friday 24 June 2022.

The Public Health and Social Measure linked to vaccination Direction was revoked on 14 April 2022, ending the requirement to check-in and to be fully vaccinated in a range of venues and events.

Current Directives which effect our jams





* Masks are still recommended whenever you can’t socially distance. It is still mandatory to wear a face mask IF you have

  • a temperature equal to or higher than 37.5 degrees or
  • any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or
  • have undertaken a COVID-19 PCR test and have not yet received the results of that test

Check the latest guidelines from Queensland Health.

If you are playing with friends at home please stay safe and follow the latest guidelines.

Please help us keep our jams and events COVID-safe

  1. Please don’t come if you are unwell.
  2. On entry, please sanitise your hands.
  3. Maintain good hygiene:
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Use your own hand sanitiser at the event or use that provided.
  • Clean your ukulele and any other equipment you bring.

Please stay home if you are unwell. Please wear a mask if you feel vulnerable.


Currently Coorparoo, Westside, Ferny Grove, Northside and the new for 2022 Wynnum jams are meeting.

There are NO beginner classes before any of the jams.

Read more about what it took to plan our first COVID safe Jam in this post.

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What is COVID 19 and Keeping Our Community Safe

QR Code Tips

Trybooking Tips

If you have any other enquires about jams, QR codes or Trybooking please contact Jo Kunde via



Raffle Drawn: Coorparoo Jam 6 April 2022.

Here’s John Hull being presented his first prize of Uke Bag, Tablet Holder, & Cup Holder for Mic Stand by BUMS Treasurer Lesley Allen. Lucky Ticket Red A29

Many thanks to our treasurer Lesley Allen and to our generous sponsor Dianne Davis. Congratulations to our lucky winners:

1st John Hull Red A29
2nd Paul Colch Blue A50
3rd Sue Ward Blue A32

We are all keen to get back to live music, festivals and jams. You’ll be the most pimped out performer or snazzy strummer with these great accessory prizes in our March Raffle – Pimp my uke!

FIRST PRIZE (Value $166) :

Bondi Midnight Kakau Ukulele Gig Bag

For your mic stand

  • Hercules 2-in-1 Tablet & Phone Holder
  • Gravity Medium Drink Holder

RUNNER UP PACK 1 (Value $40)
Ukulele Mate Soft Strap, Nami Fluorocarbon strings and Ukulele Mate booklet

RUNNER UP PACK 2 (Value $42)
Bondi BT-10 Tuner, Felt Picks and Cleaning Cloth

TICKETS $2 OR 3 for $5

Tickets go on sale at the March Coorparoo Jam Wednesday 2 March 2022, and will be available at Westside, Ferny Grove and Northside Jams.

Prizes will be drawn at the April Coorparoo Jam Wednesday 6 April 2022.

Prizes supplied by BUMS Inc, and generously donated by Diane Davis.


Man Jamming Solo on laptop

We’ve all experienced the high after playing and singing together at a jam, but is playing solo still good for you? YES!

…music can activate almost all brain regions and networks, it can help to keep a myriad of brain pathways and networks strong, including those networks that are involved in well-being, learning, cognitive function, quality of life, and happiness. Andrew E. Budson

While we are all STILL staying home, here’s some ideas and a list of resources for you to challenge yourself and keep it interesting until we are all jamming together again.

If you’ve never had a good poke around the BUMS website you might have missed some of these pages.


For those who have just started playing or want to improve aspects of their playing, consider getting a teacher to help you work out the kinks. So even though gatherings and non essential movement are currently being discouraged you can take a lesson or take a lesson online. Check out some BUMS who also teach page.

  • Erin Harrington has in person coaching available as well as zoom and online group content classes.  She is leading a FREE Intermediate Ukulele Workshop online Sunday Feb 20th, 2-3pm. Register here.
  • Vic Kena is teaching online lessons and you can join students from all over the world using his video format beginners program which will restart on Tuesday February 1st 2022.


If you prefer to noodle around to tutorials on YouTube we have some of BUMS members recommended teachers on the Online Tuition page.

Many of these artists have performed and conducted workshops at our SPRUKE Festival.  If you like their style many of these performers teach online lessons or have more content available for a small contribution through Patreon.

There are great performers who have been conducting great events online. Check out

  • Big Uke Training– The February Workshop features Vic Kena, Sally Carter, Jim D’Ville, Daniel Purnomo, and Richard Snow
  • The Jazzuleles – host an online jam on Zoom every Tuesday at 11am with a world wide audience. Folks can join the group The Jazzuleles In-House Ukulele Jam then register weekly to play. Shirley-Anne tells me the Aussie / Kiwis are outnumbered and they need more Aussies!
  • Ukulele Underground– has LOTS of content to explore with Ukulele Play Alongs, Virtual Open Mics, and UU+ membership as well as courses like Ukulele 101- Your First Ukulele Course.
  • Craig & Sarah Chee – Livestream events & Youtube Channel  Craig & Sarah do in depth dives on songs, and backyard concerts and have lots of different options for their community.

Sign up to their individual newsletters to get the latest info.

BUMS has it’s own online events in BUMS Online FB group and the Play-Along Songs and the new Play-Along sets are designed for our members to practise at home. Change it up by inviting a uke friend over and play together or teach a member of your household!


If you are a total newbie check out the Jam Survival Kit it has LOTS of great tips for new players as well as getting you up to speed on what to expect when you come to your first BUMS jam (fingers crossed for March).


For musicians playing or considering the baritone uke, we have a page of Baritone Basics.

Want a little bit of music theory? Explore the Circle of Fifths 


Looking for some new songs check out what we’ve found on the Ukulele Music page.

Our BUMS members who are also members of BUMS Online private Facebook group have access to selected song sheets that go along with Play-along videos uploaded there.

I hope this has given you a few ideas to challenge yourself until we can all get together again. I’ll leave the last word to Suzanne Hanser, chair of the music therapy department at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Research shows that making music can lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, reduce stress, and lessen anxiety and depression. There is also increasing evidence that making music enhances the immunological response, which enables us to fight viruses.


Why is music good for the brain? Andrew E. Budson, MD Oct 7, 2020

Hello to all the ukers in Queensland from Richard Snow.

During the lockdowns in Melbourne last year, I started the FB group Australian Ukulele Network as a means for uke groups to advise each other what was happening by way of online seminars and workshops, and when we came out of lockdown, what members of local groups might be performing or touring outside their local area.

Since we were all in lockdown, I also organized some online workshops with presenters from the US, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand – uke players and teachers whom I knew from online conversations. I had participated in Melbourne’s biggest uke group for 7 or 8 years pre covid, but for most of the last two years we couldn’t meet or perform. I organized some online workshops in June, September and December.

I’ve decided to continue this and have put together six online workshops for the weekend of 19-20 Feb.

Vic Kena, a Queenslander and BUMS member, will be presenting. All workshops are held by zoom. Most of the sessions are uke specific, but some are not (e.g. the session on understanding major and minor scales and chords could apply to any instrument.) There might be another Kiwi presenter joining shortly.

Check out the programme at where the workshops are described and there are links to join.

John Snow
Australian Ukulele Network

All the details of the workshops at

2020-2021 President’s report

30 October 2021

The last two years
The last two years has been tough for the BUMS Management Committee. I started as President in October 2019 with clear ideas of how we could make BUMS bigger and better for our members. By March 2020, COVID lockdowns had started and the whole focus of BUMS turned to surviving. How could we keep BUMS going?

All our attention was diverted into managing the COVID crisis. We introduced online jams, a special Facebook site for members and unique associate members and froze membership fees for six months. In September, we started running COVID-safe jams with limited numbers, pre-jam ticketing and social distancing. By Christmas, we felt we were getting back to normal.

2021 has not been any easier with short-sharp lockdowns and other restrictions that have meant jam and workshop cancellations. The whole process of arranging and running jams has become logistically more complicated with QR codes and contact tracing records. We tried to get a mini-SPRUKE festival going but were forced eventually to postpone it.

Management Committee
Thank you to all the Management Committee for their hard work during another difficult year:

President: David Pedler
The primary roles were to chair meetings, strategic direction, Society spokesperson, and liaise with external organisations. David has nominated for IT Manager next year.

Vice President: Angela McGrath
The role was to support the President. In addition, Angela played a major role in the BUMS Bazaar and support at various jams. Angela will be leaving the Management Committee and I thank her for all her efforts.

Treasurer: Lesley Allan
The primary roles were budget, income & expenditure management, and financial record keeping. I would like to acknowledge Lesley’s efforts in running popup shops and selling club T-shirts to build our sense of community in our BUMS community. In addition, Lesley organised all the raffles too. A huge effort by Lesley who will be continuing as Treasurer next year.

Assistant Treasurer: Sylvia Hunt
The role was to support the Treasurer. Sylvia has nominated for President next year.

Secretary: Keryn Henderson
The primary roles were membership, correspondence, meeting documentation, record keeping, updating and review of policies and guidelines. She has worked tirelessly over her time supporting committee members, jams, groups and members. Keryn will be leaving the Management Committee and I thank her for all her efforts.

Assistant Secretary: Peter Grace
The primary role was the BUMS newsletter editor. Peter was supported by Keryn and Jo. I would personally like to thank Peter for his help ghost writing The Riff. Peter has nominated for Secretary next year.

IT Manager: John Henderson
The primary roles were hardware maintenance, software updates, web domains, and support for online & offline applications. Amongst a plethora of IT related activities, we have seen three laptops replaced, two new monitors purchased, and three internet domains renewed. John will be leaving the Management Committee and I thank him for all his efforts.

Gigmeister: Max Borchardt, supported by John Henderson
The primary roles were to liaise between gig requests and performing members. We received 14 requests for performers and bands during the year. A thank you to John & Keryn Henderson who supported Max whilst he was away for a few months. Max has nominated for Vice President next year. He will also be leading SPRUKE in 2022.

Events Manager: Max Borchardt, supported by Keryn Henderson & Jo Kunde
The primary roles were to propose an annual program of workshops & concerts, performer & presenter liaison, and event venue coordinator. Five workshops have been held (or are planned) since the easing of COVID restrictions. During this period, Keryn and Jo supported these roles whilst Max was away for a few months. I would also like to thank all the workshop providers.

Media Manager: Jo Kunde
The primary roles were to promote the Society’s activities, manage BUMS Facebook & BUMS Online, TryBooking and coordinate content for publications & websites. This is a huge task and Jo works tirelessly navigating all the continuous change that has been happening – thank you. Jo will be continuing as Media Manager next year.

Festival Director: Dave McGrath (until May 2021); Liz Crunkhorn (unofficial)
The primary roles were festival committee chair, festival spokesperson, report to Management Committee, and seek approval for budget, venue and program. Dave was not able to continue after May. Liz offered her services and in just three weeks developed the structure, venues and program for a mini-SPRUKE in 2021. After much deliberation, the committee decided to postpone the event until 2022.

Thanks to the efforts of Dave and Keryn, BUMS received a grant for $30,000 to spend on SPRUKE. As SPRUKE is now in 2022, we will now be able to utilise all these funds. You will also notice from the balance sheet that the money is already in our bank account.
A big thank you to Dave, Keryn and Liz. Also, a thank you to Morris Brothers and Binary Music’s ongoing sponsorship, and Jay Donaldson’s ongoing sponsorship of the SPRUKE website.

Properties Manager: Andrew Hunt
The primary roles were to maintain equipment, research and advise on acquisitions and storage solutions, update assets register, and coordinate annual electrical test and tag. During the year, Andrew organised the AV gear, making it quicker, easier, and safer to set up and pack up at jams. He also improved the quality of the leads for mics and equipment. Andrew will be continuing as Properties Manager next year.

Assistant Properties Manager: Stephen Sandilands
The role was to support the Properties Manager. Steve organising the test and tag activities this year. Stephen has nominated for Gigmeister next year.

The current committee started on 22 November 2020 after last year’s AGM. During this time, we have had five Management Committee meetings.

• Life Membership has stayed at eight, as no new life memberships were awarded this year.
• Financial Membership – We currently have 236 members, down from 284 members over the 2019-2020 period. With jams gradually returning, it is expected the numbers will increase.
• Unique Associate Membership – This temporary class of membership ended in December last year having attracted 258 members in nine months. The expiration of Unique Associate membership saw many members sign up for Financial Membership.
• Associate Membership – This is a free membership for people aged under 18 years. In the past year we have had one new member.
• BUMS Online (Facebook) Group – After removing unfinancial members, BUMS Online currently has around 150 members (approx. two-thirds of our financial membership).

Live Jams
Due to the continued COVID-19 issues, we have only been able to undertake the larger jams, and at times have had to cancel these jams during lockdowns. These jams are:
• Coorparoo – Jam Coordinator is Max Borchardt. 9 jams.
• Ferny Grove – Jam Coordinators are Linda Gough and Paul Morris. 8 jams
• Northside – Jam Coordinators are Peter Grace and Andrew Hunt. 12 jams.
• Westside – Jam Coordinators Sue and Peter Sercombe. 8 jams.

Thank you to the jam organisers and set leaders. Jo and Keryn have maintained the TryBooking systems, thank you. I would also like to acknowledge our jam photographers for the past year, Angie McGrath, Jenny Grace and Kaye Dort.

Community Groups
As reported at the last AGM, The CAGE and the Free Range chUKES concluded. This left NUMB BUMS as the only community group. The good news is that in early 2021 three new community groups started. The four community groups are:
• NUMB BUMS – established in 2014, is coordinated by John Low and meets weekly on a Monday night at the Zillmere Community Hall.
• Four String Collective – started by Ian Phillips and based at Corinda State School.
• The Sublime Ukelectics – started by Becky Lochel and based at Corinda State School.
• Out on Bail – started by Darrell Reeve and based in Rocklea.
Thank you to all band leaders and performing members.

COVID-19 Operating Guidelines
With further easing of restrictions by the Queensland Government, BUMS was able to suspend our COVID-19 Operating Guidelines in August this year.

Once again, I would like to thank all the Management Committee and members who have made BUMS successful this year even when face-to-face meetings were not always possible.

BUMS exists to have fun, to develop our members ukulele and performance skills and to spread the joy of the ukulele throughout the community. BUMS is run by its members. They volunteer in a myriad of ways – large and small. For instance, some serve on the Management Committee, some work as crew at jams and workshops and lead sets at jams. Some organise and play in our community bands or BUMS affiliated bands. All members spread the ukulele message just by playing it and sharing their experience with others.

As we recover from the doldrums of 2021, the fun and positivity of the ukulele can be a vehicle to get us all out and about again and inspire others in South-East Queensland. The contributions by so many people have been amazing – thank you.

David Pedler
President, BUMS Inc

Outgoing BUMS President David Pedler with new gigmeister Steve Sandilands

We have a new BUMS Inc committee led for the first time by a lady President. Congratulations to Sylvia Hunt. If you haven’t met her yet, you’ll find her full of bubbly enthusiasm and energy.

Sylvia Hunt BUMS President

The purpose of BUMS Inc

At the AGM Sylvia reminded us of the purpose of BUMS.

  • Firstly, to have fun.
  • Secondly, to develop our members ukulele playing skills.
  • And thirdly, to be out amongst the greater Brisbane community to promote ukulele and music playing, increase ukulele and musical appreciation and provide ukulele-based entertainment.

We’re a community

She stressed the importance of community. It’s safe to assume we all want to have fun, develop our skills and spread the joy of ukulele. As a community, Sylvia wants to encourage our members to ‘have a go’ – to come forward with ideas, be part of putting these ideas into practice, to support other members and contribute to the growth of BUMS.

Sylvia’s motto

Her motto for the new committee and for BUMS is based around the four Fs – fun, fun, fun and more fun.

A poem for BUMS from Sylvia

U is for Ukulele – it’s the instrument we play
K is for Kindness that we will show every way and every day
U is for You to enjoy yourself when you come to jams
L is for Learning and improving our skills so we don’t look like hams

E is for Enthusiasm and Excitement in all that we do
L is for Love – let’s spread the love, the love of music and the ukulele too
E is for Excellence striving to be our best in all that we do
Come on everybody and join the crew.

We’re looking forward to a very exciting year.

The new committee for 2021-22

There are some familiar faces on the new committee but quite a few are in new roles. There is 69 years worth of BUMS membership in the nine heads on the committee.

President: Sylvia Hunt
Vice President: Max Borchardt
Secretary: Peter Grace
Treasurer: Lesley Allan
Events Manager: Tony Richardson
Gigmeister: Stephen Sandilands
IT Officer: David Pedler
Media Manager: Jo Kunde
Properties Manager: Andrew Hunt

For more details of their roles and contact details go to


Christmas is around the corner and all through November you can buy tickets for our Christmas Is Coming raffle at all of the jams and workshops.

Thanks to Tim and the the wonderful team from Music at Noosa we have three prizes that Santa would be proud to have in his sack!

Lanikai Quilted Maple Concert Uke

1. Lanikai Quilted Maple Concert Uke

The Major Prize is a Lanikai Quilted Maple Concert Uke RRP $579

    • Model LQMNACEC
    • Cut-away with Natural Stain Gloss Finish
    • Slotted headstock with Quilted Maple Overlay
    • Fishman Kula pick-up
    • Grover tuners
    • Inlaid Abalone Accents
    • D’Addario EJ88 Strings

This Ukulele is Kula Equipped!
Designed specifically for the ukulele, the Fishman Kula preamp has a three band EQ, so you can adjust the low, mid and high range to suit. Also features an onboard chromatic tuner so you can tune up wherever you go. Never search for your clip-on tuner again!

Minor Prizes 

2. Music Nomad – Premium Guitar Care Kit

Music Nomad – Premium Guitar Care Kit RRP $31.99

Premium care for stringed instruments includes

  • an all-in-1 cleaner, polish, and wax for everyday cleaning and polishing for gloss finishes in one easy step.
  • 100 percent natural Fretboard F-ONE Oil
  • a large premium suede microfiber cloth use with these products or by itself to clean fingerprints, sweat, dust, and grime.
Percussion Plus Half Moon Tambourine

3. Percussion Plus Half Moon Tambourine

Percussion Plus Half Moon Tambourine RRP $18.99

Enjoy making beautiful music with 10 double rows of jingles

Tickets 3 for $5

Tickets go on sale at the Chord Voicing Workshop Friday 29 October, and will be drawn at Jingle BUMS 1 December 2021.


Many thanks to Music At Noosa for our raffle this month. You can read more about what the team there can do for you in this story- Uke Can Call Us Crazy! If you don’t win and want Santa to bring you a little something  just like it check them out.



Uke Can call us Crazy – Music At Noosa

Located in Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast, Music At Noosa has serviced the Sunshine Coast with Quality Musical Instruments for 20 years. They have a HUGE range of Ukulele’s, books and accessories always in store.  With over 100 ukuleles currently on display they are definitely the destination for all things ukulele.

Wall to wall ukes

Music At Noosa pride themselves on offering a huge range of Ukes, starting from $40 to up to $8299.  Here’s one of the very limited edition Martin 5K Hawaiian Koa ukes currently in stock which retails for $8299

If you attended the Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival in 2021 you couldn’t have missed the huge display put on of all things ukes.
The response from both the organisers and the attendee’s was fantastic .

SCUF display


Music At Noosa pride themselves on offering the best service possible, with passionate and professional staff always instore to answer any questions.  They also offer full instrument servicing on site.

Oh and do they do DEALS ? They sure do!

Music At Noosa always have deals online and instore.  If you’re looking for something weird and wonderful they can always order it in for you at a great deal with the quality service that comes with it.

It’s definitely worth the drive – Music At Noosa

Music At Noosa
Shop 2/1 Gibson Road
07 5474 3033