Green Fieldz Workshop Chat

This is what you missed if you weren’t there.

Sally Carter ran two workshops on Saturday 4 February ably assisted by Keith Rea.  The first workshop showed how playing different parts can add so much colour and life to a very simple piece of music.  The second workshop showed how adding the odd finger in the right spot can change the feel of a simple strum pattern.

The workshops were very well constructed and showed Sally’s ability to construct and deliver in an easily understood and calm manner. Keith was there to help though I don’t think he had to do a lot of that.

The room was full of BUMS members and other ukulele players.  Everyone had a wonderful time and were happy with the presentation.

Thanks to Mark Finnegan who managed the reception desk.  Big thumbs up to the lovely and ever helpful Lori Kibelkstis for organising the transport needs of Sally and Keith.  Thanks to Steve Sandilands for organising the event and helping with transport.

Green Fieldz ran a concert to finish off the night.  The audience were in awe of their virtuosity and style.  We literally didn’t want them to stop.  They were so enthusiastic and are such accomplished musicians it was a true highlight to the event.

Sally and Keith have offered to come back and run more workshops and concerts in the future.

The fourth week in March 2022 was special. We welcomed the first jam at Wynnum to our regular calendar and the long-established Northside jam moved to a great new venue at the Geebung Bowls Club.

Wynnum jam on the fourth Friday of the month
Well done Merv Harcourt and Steve Sandilands for getting a new jam up and running at the Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre at Wynnum. The Auditorium comfortable housed the 49 players who witnessed this historical event.

The plan was to keep it simple for the inaugural jam and even a torrential downpour couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the audience. They sung and played to the songs led by Out on Bail, Spare Parts and Spin the Cat.

The next jam at Wynnum will be held on Friday 29 April starting at 7.00pm. Merv is keen to make food available before the next jam. Check out the Waterloo Bay Leisure centre Menu. To ensure there is enough demand to make it viable for the centre, he asks that anyone wanting to eat pre-order by the 26 April. Send your requests to Merv at .

Northside jam shifts to Geebung
Organisers Peter Grace and Andrew Hunt started looking for a new venue in 2021 because of the lack of a bar and food options. Well – the Geebung Bowls Club has fully met our needs in that regard. The bar abuts onto the Function Room so there’s time to grab a beer or softie between songs. The Green Bowls Bistro provided tasty, freshly cooked and well-priced snacks and meals between 5.30 and 7.30. See their menu here Dinner Menu7pdf.

Ian Phillips and Chris Slater had the honour of leading the first set at the new venue followed by Spare Parts with Andrew Hunt finishing of the night. All three acts had expected to lead the planned jam on the day before Australia Day, but it was cancelled because of COVID restrictions. Understandably there was a fair selection of Australiana in the song choices.

We comfortably fitted 48 jam goers into the room, and we can accommodate more people. We’d love to see you there at the next jam on Tuesday 26 April starting at 6.30pm. No need to pre-order, you can order food when you arrive.


All the latest info on BUMS News & Events can be found here.

BUMS has four community bands, three based on Brisbane southside and one on the northside. They are open to all financial members. You don’t have to audition to join. You just have to be a member of BUMS and be keen and willing to learn and contribute.

• Out On Bail started up earlier this year at Rocklea.
• NUMB BUMS has been operating at Zillmere since 2014.
• The Sublime Ukelectics started up earlier this year at Corinda State School.
• A group using the James Hill learning method started earlier this year at Corinda State School

Here’s an update on what the bands have been doing.

Out On Bail

This band is an initiative of Darrell Reeve and meets at his private studio in Rocklea. The current focus is developing a set list of Australian rock classics. They are currently working on 10 songs from artists like Daddy Cool, Brian Cadd, Skyhooks and the Radiators.

They’ve had an awesome start with 18 people getting involved in the band with an average of 10 to 12 turning up each week. Anyone who misses a rehearsal can catch up with what went on via the band’s YouTube channel. The channel has songs from rehearsals as well as tricks and tips to help with individual’s own practice.

Out On Bail in practice

Darrell’s private studio has capacity for 20 people at current COVID guidelines. This makes it a bit tight at the moment and if more members join, they made need to find a larger practice space. Anyone wanting to join “Out On Bail” can contact Darrell at "> or phone on 0408 632 930.


The last year has been especially challenging for the band because traditionally they got their greatest pleasure from public performances. In 2019, for instance, they had 18 gigs. These were for community groups, charities, child-care centres and virtually anywhere we were invited. Over the last few years, they performed at City Sounds, QPAC Green Jam, SPRUKE— Brisbane’s Ukulele Festival 2015, 2017, 2019, Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival, Newkulele 2019, SunPAC 2020, and various local community festivals from Caboolture to Redland Bay.

Not having upcoming performances has meant the band has lost the anticipation, excitement and focus that a gig provides. In addition, they meet on a Monday night at the Zillmere community hall and a number of practices were cancelled at short notice due to COVID restrictions.

NUMB BUMS workshopping

The band has had to revise the way it operates. They are re-jigging their set lists and introducing new songs. The regular agenda now includes short skill improvement sessions and regular open mic opportunities for individuals or small groups to ‘strut their stuff’.

Practising regularly with the same group encourages friendships and musical collaborations. Many members of NUMB BUMS get together as small groups outside of the normal practice sessions. The smaller groups have developed their own song lists and played at jams and open mics. Smaller groups are not impacted to the same extent by COVID restrictions as are larger groups playing in public facilities.

For more information contact NUMB BUMS coordinator John Low on ">

The Sublime Ukelectics

The band is an initiative of Becky Lochel. In case you wondered, the name means Southside Ukulele Band Living In Musical Ecstasy! Thanks to Scott for the fantastic logo!

The group meets on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month (excluding school holidays) from 2-4pm at Corinda State School. It’s had four rehearsals so far this year, with about 20 attendees each time, who have enjoyed working on a variety of songs from Old Dan Tucker to Mother Nature’s Son and more.

Our arrangements combine various strumming techniques as well as melody and harmony singing parts.

Sublime in practice

Grace and William have started a tradition of an open mic performance after the mid-session break, which is exciting. This will hopefully help members with their confidence and mic skills.

Here’s what one of the band members had to say about The Sublime Ukelectics. “Joining the BUMS group has improved my playing heaps. I love the music choice and being introduced to new songs.” – Gail

The band is excited by an upcoming performance for the Montessori Teachers conference in June. It will be great to have a performance to work towards.

For more information on The Sublime Ukelectics contact Becky on ">

James Hill Group

This group is an initiative of Ian Phillips. It meets once a month at Corinda State School. So far, they have met twice with about 25 to 30 people attending.

The band’s aim to is learn music through the traditional methods of music theory for note reading, plucking, scales, arranging and improvising and two-part singing. They also will develop skills on the ukulele itself, for example, hammering, slides, combining strumming and plucking together and moving further down the fretboard.

The band has a private Facebook page where players can post their achievements and others can learn and be inspired from what is posted. Meeting once a month means regular practice at home is essential.

Has it been an easy ride so far? Not at all, but members are enjoying the challenges and the reports of “Wow I have just achieved this” is what makes this group exciting to be in.

Initially, the group is theory based but as the skills improve the group will turn into being creativity based. This is what we are on about, having the skills to be creative in music making. For more information about the group, contact Ian on ">


Summer of Sound

Treasurer Lesley Allen and winner Paul Colch with the first prize at NUMB BUMS


Drawn at the Coorparoo Jam Wednesday 3 February 2021

1st Prize: Paul Colch

2nd Prize: Denis Fitzpatrick

3rd Prize: Charmaine Matthews

Extra Prize: Peter Vance – SPRUKE t-shirt

January 2021 Multi-Draw Raffle

Tickets $2 each

(available at jams throughout January)

Drawn at the February Coorparoo Jam.

PRIZES (valued at over $200)

  • 1st Prize:  Tikiman concert ukulele and gig bag $150
  • 2nd Prize: “Australian Ukulele Vol 1” CD by Australian ukulele artists $20;
    Ko’olau concert uke strings (monofilament/nylon) $15 & ukulele strap $13
  • 3rd Prize: “Your ukulele has more than 3 frets”CD &
    Percussive Strumming” DVD by Trevor Gollagher $10 each;
    D’addario concert uke strings (nylon) $15; & ukulele strap $13

Prizes courtesy of BUMS Inc & Trevor Gollagher Music 


What a joy to be back playing live again. It’s been seven months since the last Westside daytime jam and it was all smiles on 9 December 2020 to gather together again.

The café was busy before the jam started at the Rosemount Community Centre as jam goers fueled up for a feast of music. Sue and Peter did not disappoint with 23 songs from a wide range of genres.

COVID restrictions meant the jam was limited to 30 places (plus organisers) and half a dozen non-ukulele playing residents came to join the singalong.

Sue commented, ‘It really was terrific to see so many old friends again, and to meet some new uke players. I think everyone played and sang so well. It was amazing, especially how good the endings were. There might be some sore finger tips today.’

Next jam

The next Westside Jam will be held on Wednesday 13 January 2021. The same COVID-safe arrangements will apply, and you will need to book a ticket. There will be 30 seats again. Watch out for your email invitation.

For more information on the Westide daytime jam read on.


On Sunday 22 November 2020, the Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society held its Annual General Meeting at the Coorparoo Bowls Club. Twenty-one members attended suitably socially distanced to meet COVID 19 requirements.

Congratulations to the newly elected members of the BUMS Inc Management Committee.

President: David Pedler
Vice President: Angela McGrath
Treasurer: Lesley Allan
Assistant Treasurer: Sylvia Hunt
Secretary: Keryn Henderson
Assistant Secretary: Peter Grace
Gigmeister: Max Borchardt
IT Manager: John Henderson
Media Manager: Jo Kunde
Festival Director: Dave McGrath
Events Manager: Max Borchardt
Properties Manager: Andrew Hunt
Assistant Properties Manager: Steve Sandilands

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new form of coronavirus. It was first reported in December 2019 in China and has since been declared a pandemic.
Symptoms reported in identified cases of COVID-19 novel coronavirus include:

  • fever
  • a cough
  • sore throat
  • fatigue
  • shortness of breath

Anyone who has fever (or history of fever) OR acute respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, shortness of breath) should see a doctor immediately. There is no specific treatment for COVID-19 infection and there is currently no vaccine for COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

Transmission of COVID-19

It is currently understood that COVID-19 spreads in the following ways:

  • Direct contact with a person while they are infectious
  • Direct or indirect contact with respiratory droplets (such as when a person coughs, sneezes or sings)
  • Direct contact with objects and surfaces which are contaminated by respiratory droplets

Current medical advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) indicates that COVID-19 is not an airborne virus. As such, the WHO does not consider air conditioning to be a factor in spreading COVID-19 at this time.

There are 5 key ways we can all help stop the spread of viruses

    1. Stay home if you’re sick. If you have COVID-19 symptoms, get tested.
    2. Clean your hands regularly with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rubs.
    3. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or bent elbow when coughing or sneezing.
    4. Avoid touching your face, nose and mouth. And avoid shaking hands.
    5. Keep 1.5 metres away from others as much as you can — think two big steps

Vulnerable groups

Based on what is known about coronaviruses, Queensland Health has identified those most at risk of serious infection are:

    • people with compromised immune systems (such as people who have cancer)
    • elderly people
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (as they have higher rates of chronic illness)
    • people with chronic medical conditions
    • people in group residential settings
    • people in detention facilities

Keeping Our Community Safe

BUMS Inc has developed a set of COVID-safe guidelines for any gathering of our members. We follow these guidelines in designing our events, jams and band rehearsals. We need your cooperation to ensure we keep our community COVID-safe.

The health and safety measures that apply to our jams

  • The total capacity to be controlled.
  • Ticketing through Trybooking.
  • Patron contact tracing- using Guest Track QR codes.
  • A defined area allocated-venue.
  • Our audience being seated- People from the same household can sit together and groups of households kept separate.
  • Ability to control the flow of audience movement in and out of the venue.

If you have any questions about Trybooking, or Guest Track QR codes please check these posts first.
Trybooking Tips
QR Code Tips

Any further enquiries please contact Jo Kunde via

Check in fast with QR codes.

As BUMS returns to live jams things are a little bit different! As well as booking tickets online for the limited places available, BUMS Inc are required to keep accurate visitor details for contact tracing. Checking in to venues becomes the new way and to ensure BUMS Inc is compliant and to speed up that process for you we are using GuestTrack QR Codes.

QR Codes are simple to use and on the latest smart phones very easy. Open your camera or QR code app.

  1. Scan the code and tap to go to go to the website ( in your browser
  2. Complete your details, agree to the Covid-19 Declaration and submit
  3. Show your confirmation screen to the door greeter.

That’s it you’re in!

The great news is next time you come to any of our jams with the same phone/device, when you scan the QR code your detail will be auto-populated and you only need to hit submit to complete the check-in.

You can check-in up to 5 persons in one go.

Don’t have a smart phone or you are QR code challenged?

These QR codes can be read by the built-in QR code reader of all IOS and Android devices.

For visitors with older Android models which do not come with a QR code reader, you need download an external application before being able to scan codes.

Most of the QR code scanner/reader apps available on Google Play Store would work. We recommend the below two apps which have been tested by GuestTrack testers specifically:
QR Droid: View in Google Play Store
QR Code Reader: View in Google Play Store

Read more about scanning code with a Samsung phone here.

If you do not have a mobile phone or your phone fails to scan the QR code, don’t worry, our door greeters will check-in on your behalf using the “Check-in Visitors” function on their own device.

A few minute preparing for the new ways our jams operate will safe frustration on the night and help us check you in faster!

If you have any further questions about QR codes please email Jo Kunde via .

An Opportunity to Come Together

Current social restrictions presented BUMS with wonderful opportunity to bring its members together for an unique and solemn celebration. The BUMS Online ANZAC Day 2020 event, honouring Australian and New Zealand war efforts from WWI to the present day, comprised a 10:00 am service followed by an 11:00 am jam.

An indication of the value of the event is seen in the Facebook statistics. The event has viewed by over 130 members and received over 150 comments of support and appreciation.

The Service

BUMS Inc President, David Pedler, led the service through the many symbolic elements of a traditional ANZAC Day service. It was pleasing to see the valuable contributions of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Maori to the war effort acknowledged. Many of our BUMS members involved in presenting the service were ex-servicemen or reservists, for whom ANZAC Day holds a very special significance.


ANZAC DAY wherever we may be is so important. To acknowledge our soldiers and their wider families and communities for their sacrifice is one of the most sacred moments we should all cherish and respect today. To pay tribute through prayer, stories and song to share with our wider families and community keeps our ANZACs alive each year remembering their courage and bravery. To have their sacrifice carved in the hearts of our children is a blessing which is what I love today. Including our children in the services so they learn and understand just how important and special this commemoration is to us all so they can teach their children. BUMS ANZAC Day Service was a very well orchestrated event and a joy to watch.

Congratulations BUMS for a well presented service. Many hours went in to this and both Kerrie and I are very honoured to be a part of this. My family and I also held our own service on our front lawn at 6 am. We love being able to include our Māori culture in to our service which makes it very special for us. Thank you very much BUMS for all that you do for our community. This was a great moment.

Vic and Kerrie Kena






The Jam

The ANZAC Jam featured many of our favourite performing members leading our all time favourite patriotic songs.

A recording of the BUMS ANZAC Day 2020 service is on the Brisbane Ukulele Facebook page:

Join the West End locals in a small intimate jam

Chill out and get your weekend off to a great start with a lively strum. Well known BUM Cath McCourt takes the lead, joined by a few special guests.  WE BUMS now has a great new room to jam in. Yummy food and drinks if you want to come early and have a bite! More info;

VENUE: Hope on Boundary Café , 170 Boundary St, West End (ph:0409905258)
TIME: Jam starts at 6:30 pm
COST: Gold coin donation.

Anyone is welcome to lead a song. Dust off your repertoire, and polish up your performance. If you have suggestions or would like to lead a song or two, bring the formatted songsheets on a USB stick.

Caths first night as leader at WEbums.

Most of our songs come from the Internet. Visit our Ukulele Music (in the Ukulele Info menu) for links to Richard G’s songsheets, Bytown songbooks, and many more. The Bytown slow jam songbooks are great for beginners.

Other BUMS Inc jams and events are listed on our News & Events page.

For more ukulele fun, visit us on Facebook, or check out our performances on YouTube/BrisbaneUkulele!