Chord Voicing Workshop- Make your ukulele sing with Coady Brule

Chord Voicing Workshop

Chord voicing — make your ukulele sing!

Join Coady Brûlé for an exciting new way to workshop songs. Make your ukulele sing through chord voicing.

 Coorparoo Bowls Club, 32 Riddings Street, Coorparoo, 4151

 Friday 29 Oct 2021 (rescheduled Ekka public holiday)

 6:30-8:30 pm


Tickets via Trybooking from Wed 29 September.

Financial BUMS save 50% with promo-code received Mon 27 September via email.

A ticketed COVID-Safe workshop.


There are many ways to play any chord, and they are not all created equal! They can change how a song feels, just as strum patterns do!

As a group we will dissect one song and witness how different voicing of chords brings unique flavour and feel, enhancing the experience.

Now I know if you looked at every chord, and their different shape, it may seem very daunting. However just remember the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time!

So come exploring chord voicing with the song Colors by Black Pumas as we continue our ukulele journey together!!

Link to official video on Youtube:

What you’ll need:
  • Please bring a soprano, concert or tenor ukulele. High-G or Low-G is fine. You can bring a baritone uke, but any chord diagrams will be for “GCEA” tuning.
  • smile
  • good vibes
  • pen and some lined paper (easier for jotting chord shapes)

There will be a projector in use and handouts will be given at the start of the workshop. If you prefer to look at the handouts instead of the screen, then please bring a music stand.

Hope you see you all there!


Coady Brûlé was born in Canada into a musical family. He made an early start on drums, but then learnt guitar as a teenager. In a solo trip around Europe he took up ukulele to lighten his travel load.  Since then he slowly gravitated towards the four string, and for the past five years that’s all he plays. Coady is an experienced trainer, who enjoys playing, teaching and sharing. Now he’s sharing his knowledge of music and ukulele with BUMS.

Coady Brûlé — Music on my Mind

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