Coady Brûlé – Music on My Mind

Let me introduce myself. My name is Coady Brûlé. I was born in Canada into a musical family. My mom used to manage a band when I was real young — they’d practice in our basement.

Begin with the beat

I didn’t really take to instruments until about 8 years old. Amongst others there were drums at my house, naturally I gravitated towards those … I mean who wouldn’t want to bang things and make noise!

Making melody

It wasn’t until my teens that I picked up a guitar with some real interest. My uncle casually gave me some lessons over the next few years. I mainly wanted to learn Zeppelin songs, ha ha. But I would still play the drums when I could.

Then I started working after school in restaurants, bringing my arrival at home to midnight or later, leaving the drums collecting dust and bringing my acoustic guitar to my fingers a little more often. I enjoyed the six-string, I really used it as therapy more than anything else. During the next six years pretty much no one would see me playing.

Lightening load

Years later, I found myself prepping for a solo trip around Europe and I brought my guitar! I played around here or there, usually finishing once I’d made enough for lunch or a beer … it made for a great conversation starter!

After six months of living like a nomad, when I got home, I thought, “How can I make this load a bit lighter?” You guessed it, I got my first ukulele! Since then I’ve slowly gravitated towards the four string to a point where that’s all I’ve played for the past five years.

Sharing the joy

I really enjoy playing. I also enjoy teaching and sharing. In all my jobs in the past, I was either training new staff, or training was my entire role. In 2018, I joined BUMS. It was just a natural progression to share my passion for music by leading songs at jams and beginning to run workshops.

Now married with multiple children and a ceramic business as part of a joint venture (Kylie & the Machine) with my wife Kylie, I find myself putting music further and further down the list.


But I always come back!


Thanks for reading. Coady