After a fantastic performance at the Spruketacular Concert, BUMS hosted Cynthia Lin for a Workshop and Jam the following Friday.

The Coorparoo Bowls Club was packed to the rafters, attracting fans from far and wide, including many familiar faces from BUMS.

Audience at Cynthia Lin Workshop, Coorparoo, 2019. Photo courtesy of Geoff Dancer.

Cynthia Lin, Coorparoo, September 2019

For the workshop Cynthia used the classic Men at Work hit, “Down Under”. Starting out with a pretty straight forward 4 chord arrangement with an Island Strum variation we all joined in with a song that anyone who grew up in the late ’70’s is familiar with.

Before we could congratulate ourselves on how fantastic we were another layer was added. A left-hand mute technique had a few of us concentrating so much on strumming and muting that singing as well was out of the question.

You can check out the final result on Twitter.

The workshop was followed by a jam session, a chance to loosen up after all that concentration. A great mix of songs, and an enthusiastic crowd. Great to hear a hall full of happy ukulele players.

If you’re a beginner, or looking for something a bit more challenging check out Cynthia’s tutorials on YouTube.