Editor Request

Request from the newsletter editor.

I started playing ukulele in 2012 at U3A Redcliffe. For a couple of years, I played in my back bedroom, jammed with a friend, and went to a local (but fairly lacklustre) ukulele group. I discovered BUMS jams and joined BUMS in 2014. BUMS opened up a whole new world, and gave me so many wonderful opportunities.

Peter Grace – Newsletter Editor and BUMS Inc Assistant Secretary.


Looking back on those seven years, I’m amazed at the amount of fun and friendship that BUMS has brought me. When I joined, did, I ever think I’d be performing at jams and organising one every month? Did I imagine playing at festivals, markets, fundraisers, and dinners. Arranging a ukulele opera to perform at Newcastle and Sunshine Coast festivals was the last thing I would have envisaged.

BUMS has given me so much. And it keeps on giving to me and the many musical friends I have met.

Giving back

In 2019, I was asked to join the Management Committee, and I could not refuse. BUMS and its members had completely changed my life and it only seemed fair that I should give something back.

But here’s the catch.

BUMS can’t keep giving to its members without some of them being prepared to put in time to make things happen. The Annual General Meeting of BUMS is coming up in October, all committee positions are declared vacant, and a new committee will be elected.

Being on the committee means you can influence the direction BUMS takes. You’ll work as a team to make things happen. You’ll develop your leadership and other personal skills, expand your ukulele community and help others grow. Of course, at times it will be frustrating, but, as with all things ukulele, it will be fun.

My question is….

Are you prepared to put your hand up to keep BUMS moving forward and building a bigger and better ukulele community?

If you would like to know more or register your interest, email your phone number to David Pedler () and he will call you back for a chat.