Feedback on Street Smartz music theory workshop

Mick Angeles, ably assisted by Marg Monaghan, ran this a workshop in early September. Its aim was to enlighten beginner and intermediate musicians in the mysteries of creating chords and chord diagrams. In short, the participants would learn a chord construction recipe.

Comments from some participants.

Graham Hall said the timing of the workshop was just right for him. He’s been playing ukulele for 4 years. Year 1 – learn to strum, year 2 – strum and sing, year 3 – finger picking and year 4 – play without looking. Next challenge is to understand more music theory so I can develop my improvisation skills.

I found the pace of the workshop a bit challenging. Maybe the workshop could be run over two sessions so there was time to consolidate learning in between.

John Fitzgibbon usually plays a baritone ukulele but he reverted to tenor for the workshop. He liked the way Mick explained the logic of chord progressions and ‘hearing the chords in the song’.

Geoff Dancer said Mick was a great presenter – down-to-earth, affable and with a lovely way with his audience. He enjoyed the workshop which took a different slant on the music theory he knew already. Hearing someone else’s viewpoint is always valuable.

Thanks Mick and Marg for an entertaining session.

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