This jam is led by experienced musicians Paul Morris of Morris Brothers Music and Linda Gough of Ivory Frets Music.
Easy Playing Classics. Played at a pace suitable for Beginner/Intermediate players.

Have you been to a Jam and felt overwhelmed and frustrated that you couldn’t keep up? The Ferny Grove Jam is for you.
Paul and Linda choose popular songs, played at a nice easy (slower) pace. The songs are curated to be fun to sing, with 2 to 4 chords persong, and using the most common chords – Am, A7, C, C7, D, Dm, D7, F, G7, G. A friendly crowd if you need a hand just ask!

VENUE: Ferny Grove Bowls Sport & Community Club,
20 Tramway Street, Ferny Grove QLD 4055.

COST: BUMS members FREE and visitors $5. This includes the Fingerstyle Group and the Beginners Class.

TIMES:  7:00 pm Beginners Jam

NEW for all very new players Donna Farrell and Dianne Davis will hold a Beginners Lesson before the jam at 6:30pm. They will show you how to hold your uke, how to strum, how to read chord charts and go through some basic chords. This will allow absolutely new players a grasp of basics so they can participate and enjoy the jam.

Fingerstyle Group also starts back in February before the jam at 6:00- 7:00pm.
For beginners to fingerstyle the group starts at Lesson One. For those who are a bit rusty time to get back into it! The course is designed for Soprano/Tenor/Concert ukes with standard tuning. (The tabs are not suitable for a baritone uke). More details. The Jam is included in the cost so join the jam afterwards for some practice!
Dereks’ has an excellent resource website to support your fingerstyle lessons.

Food & drinks are available at the club. Come early, for a bite to eat. Visit the Morris Brothers pop-up shop for the latest range of ukuleles and uke accessories.

Most of our songs come from the Internet. Visit our Ukulele Music (in the Ukulele Info menu) for links to Richard G’s song sheets, Bytown songbooks, and many more. The Bytown slow jam songbooks are great for beginners.

Other BUMS Inc jams and events are listed on our News & Events page.

Check out our performances on YouTube/BrisbaneUkulele

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