Genesis of Big Uke Training

Hello to all the ukers in Queensland from Richard Snow.

During the lockdowns in Melbourne last year, I started the FB group Australian Ukulele Network as a means for uke groups to advise each other what was happening by way of online seminars and workshops, and when we came out of lockdown, what members of local groups might be performing or touring outside their local area.

Since we were all in lockdown, I also organized some online workshops with presenters from the US, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand – uke players and teachers whom I knew from online conversations. I had participated in Melbourne’s biggest uke group for 7 or 8 years pre covid, but for most of the last two years we couldn’t meet or perform. I organized some online workshops in June, September and December.

I’ve decided to continue this and have put together six online workshops for the weekend of 19-20 Feb.

Vic Kena, a Queenslander and BUMS member, will be presenting. All workshops are held by zoom. Most of the sessions are uke specific, but some are not (e.g. the session on understanding major and minor scales and chords could apply to any instrument.) There might be another Kiwi presenter joining shortly.

Check out the programme at where the workshops are described and there are links to join.

John Snow
Australian Ukulele Network

All the details of the workshops at

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