It was a great night with Queensland’s Gypsy Rumble performing at Samuel Gray’s on Saturday 30 May. Quite a crowd turned out at the restaurant. Maybe fifty BUMS stayed for the whole three-hour show, while a few others drifted slowly away.

Gypsy Rumble at Samual Grays, Mar 2019

The group presented a three terrific sets of mostly originals from their CD like ‘Ode to Gin’, ‘Drunk’, ‘Looking Away’, and ‘Hank’,and a few covers. Tim was on tenor uke and banjo, Emily on bari uke and violin, and Nick on drums, and all band members sang vocals. During the 10-min breaks between sets, we queued up for CDs and autographs.

Audience participation was encouraged, with dancing, clapping and foot-stamping throughout. The audience also had some vocal input as an African choir, when Gypsy Rumble performed ‘Diamonds on Sole of Shoes’, and a quieter one, ‘Into my Arms’. I put in a request for their GPS song, ‘Heading in Wrong Direction’, which they’d performed at Lefties, when Death Squad was in town.

Lesley Allen give Gypsy Rumble the thumbs up.

Towards end of night, it was ‘Vegetarian Christmas’, all up for dance. And we tried to do a polka to ‘Thong’.

Their final song was ‘Monkey Rumble’, with 95% of audience up on dance floor or around tables. It was followed by an encore, called ‘Son of a Bitch’?
If you miss Gypsy Rumble at Albany Creek in March, or at Kenilworth for April’s Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival, perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to see them at SPRUKE in September.

Thank you to the owners and staff of Samual Grays for hosting the event.

Lesley Allen

Samual Grays – Great food, great service, great venue.