Ukuleles as well as fiddles, mandolins, tin whistles, guitars and a concertina are all welcome at Uke Plays Irish!

Join Peter McMeel and Brendan Williams every Thursday to bring a bit of the Irish to Toowong Bowls Club. Peter shares with us how the group is travelling.

Uke Plays Irish meet weekly Thursdays at Toowong Bowls Club.

On the first night about 25 people came right on time. I was surprised at the depth of people’s enjoyment and participation. Also surprising was the breadth of experience, talent and commitment. This group will flourish as a result of a committed core of highly experienced musicians who did say they will support this event throughout it’s life.

The singing was beautiful and filled the club wonderfully. Many people had ukuleles tuned in D*. There were 3 fiddles, mandolins, tin whistles, guitars and a concertina.

The playing on the second night started to sound magical as many people hit their stride with some of the basic techniques for supporting the melodies with chordal progressions. Simple two and three chord songs were repeatedly used to enable musicians to learn their musical structure and then anticipate the chord changes. This quickly evolved over the second night in a very pleasant way.

The Uke Plays Irish Sessions already sound wonderful with the club space resounding with beautiful music.

VENUE: Toowong Bowls Club, 59 Gailey Road, Taringa QLD 4068
TIME: Every Thursday night 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm. The session extends into “All Instruments” at around 6:30 pm and continues till around 8 pm
BRING: Ukes tuned in D for Celtic.

If you like to have a craic check out this post for more info

Check out more pics from the night on Facebook .

* Points on Tuning
The ukulele will be tuned up one whole step from C to D. GCEA becomes ADF#B.
D tuning can be high or low on string 4, in the same way as C. High tuning produces a wonderfully sweet and addictive harp like sound. Low tuning will extend the melodic range of the instrument a very handy amount, because ukuleles otherwise have quite a limited range. Watch out! God forbid, you may eventually wish to have a ukulele specially preserved in each tuning!

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