Frivolity. Fun. Friendship. Feet — and thinking on them. Just a few of the words I associate with Hypnotonics and the Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival.

Hypnotonics has been around for about a year, and is made up of some familiar BUMS faces: Amanda Allwood, Mark Bradshaw, Salli Chmura, Cath McCourt, and Trish Rodwell.

Salli, Cath, Mark, Amanda & Trish


We all met through playing in other BUMS groups, and realised fairly quickly that we had a great time rehearsing and performing together.

For the Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival this year we decided on a set with a difference to highlight the versatility of our newest member Salli! As well as ukulele, Salli plays a mean clarinet, flute, recorder and saxophone.

With 12 weeks to go until SCUF Salli showed her musicality and grit when, having broken her arm, she re-learned all of her solos one handed on the keyboard! (Remember that bit about feet and thinking on them?).


Hypnotonics is made up of some extremely talented musicians that I am proud to call my friends. We always have a great time and the audience does too. Come and check us out around the place.

Hypnotonics performing at SCUF 2019. Photo by Julie Minto.

BUMS Big Band members, Amanda, Maggie & Phil, enjoy catching up at SCUF.

For me, personally, part of a band has always been so much more about the friendships with the music as an added bonus. If anyone is thinking about taking their playing further I highly recommend getting involved in a performing group!

None of what we do would have been possible without BUMS! I’ve been a member now for 9 years and the one thing that never alters is the joy the ukulele brings! Friendships forged stand the test of time.

There was even an impromptu reunion of a few of the BUMS Big Band members — Amanda, Maggie, Jack, Phil, Mark, Cath and John H!

Get amongst it! Live large! Sing and play with others! Find your groove, and you could be the next one having the time of your life with a group like Hypnotonics!
By Amanda Allwood

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