Need More Kazoo in your life?

13th September 2023

Looking for a way to be apart of Brisbane festival this year?  Why not be part of the world's biggest, kazaniest orchestra ever, 10,000 kazoos-strong.

10,000 Kazoos is a mass participation event for Brisbane Festival 2023. It’s happening in the heart of Victoria Park this September, and anyone can take part.   No musical ability or training? No worries. We promise! Simply stick a kazoo in your mouth, with the pointy end at the world, and send some do-do-dos down that tube. It's uncomplicated. It's powerful. It's kazoo-tiful.

All you need is a kazoo, and we'll provide that for you!
No rehearsals. Nothing to practice. Just rock up with all of the kazoothiasm you can muster!
When:   Saturday 23 Sep, 3:30pm
Where: Victoria Park, Brisbane

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