New BUMS Committee

We have a new BUMS Inc committee led for the first time by a lady President. Congratulations to Sylvia Hunt. If you haven’t met her yet, you’ll find her full of bubbly enthusiasm and energy.

Sylvia Hunt BUMS President

The purpose of BUMS Inc

At the AGM Sylvia reminded us of the purpose of BUMS.

  • Firstly, to have fun.
  • Secondly, to develop our members ukulele playing skills.
  • And thirdly, to be out amongst the greater Brisbane community to promote ukulele and music playing, increase ukulele and musical appreciation and provide ukulele-based entertainment.

We’re a community

She stressed the importance of community. It’s safe to assume we all want to have fun, develop our skills and spread the joy of ukulele. As a community, Sylvia wants to encourage our members to ‘have a go’ – to come forward with ideas, be part of putting these ideas into practice, to support other members and contribute to the growth of BUMS.

Sylvia’s motto

Her motto for the new committee and for BUMS is based around the four Fs – fun, fun, fun and more fun.

A poem for BUMS from Sylvia

U is for Ukulele – it’s the instrument we play
K is for Kindness that we will show every way and every day
U is for You to enjoy yourself when you come to jams
L is for Learning and improving our skills so we don’t look like hams

E is for Enthusiasm and Excitement in all that we do
L is for Love – let’s spread the love, the love of music and the ukulele too
E is for Excellence striving to be our best in all that we do
Come on everybody and join the crew.

We’re looking forward to a very exciting year.

The new committee for 2021-22

There are some familiar faces on the new committee but quite a few are in new roles. There is 69 years worth of BUMS membership in the nine heads on the committee.

President: Sylvia Hunt
Vice President: Max Borchardt
Secretary: Peter Grace
Treasurer: Lesley Allan
Events Manager: Tony Richardson
Gigmeister: Stephen Sandilands
IT Officer: David Pedler
Media Manager: Jo Kunde
Properties Manager: Andrew Hunt

For more details of their roles and contact details go to


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