Life Members

The Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society Inc’s rules of incorporation allow the appointment of two life members each year. Life members are members for life, whose membership fees are waived. They have the same membership rights as ordinary members. Selection of life members is subject to the following conditions.

(a) Life members are nominated and approved by the management committee.
(b) No more than two life members can be nominated and approved each financial year.
(c) To be eligible for life membership, a member must be deemed by the management committee to have made a significant contribution to the Association.


It is with great pleasure that in 2016 the management committee awarded Blair Marks and Gary Collins life membership of the Society, in recognition of their outstanding contributions.


At the 10th Birthday Celebrations, BUMS Inc was thrilled to honour Christine Heinrich and Joann Kunde for their tremendous contribution to BUMS Inc events management, and for their ongoing enthusiasm for, and support of, our performing groups and jams.


This year, past President and festival director, John Henderson, and performing member and uBass player extraordinaire, Cath (Jazz Hands) McCourt, joined the ranks of the BUMS Inc Life Members.


Quiet achiever Keryn Henderson and past President Ian Phillips were awarded Life Membership of BUMS Inc in recognition of their outstanding and dedicated contributions to the BUMS community and activities.