A terrific experience

Over the last few months David and I have participated in The Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Senior Concert Series, which is run each year in Brisbane, and culminates in the opportunity to perform in and around Brisbane city and in the Gala Production at Brisbane City Hall.

Each year there are ten Masterclasses presented by various “named” celebrities — Normie Rowe, Angela Toohey, David Rogers-Smith to name a few — who offer tips and tricks to enhance your performance.  These Masterclasses are not only fun, they are informative and a great opportunity rub shoulders and perform along side these wonderful individuals.

The Concert series is presented around Brisbane in various locations.  David and I had the pleasure of performing at Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown this year and last year in 2 locations.

The experience is open to all seniors over 60 — we are not quite there yet, but there is always exceptions to the rule.

I would encourage anyone to take the time to explore this next year.

We had a great time and found this was a valuable learning experience.

Angela and David McGrath

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