Weddings, Parties, Almost Anything!

The diversity and creativity of our band Mama Juju & The Jam Tarts can be a blessing and a curse. When asked, it is sometimes a real a struggle to describe what sort of band we are, what type of music we play and what sort of events we play at … I guess the answer is we will give almost anything a go! Celtic, blues, jazz, rock, country and more!

Mama Juju & the Jam Tarts at a recent performance.

The roots of the band go back 19 years to when Julie was selling her Bodhran (Irish drum) and met Vicky. She was invited to join Irish Folk band Thornlands, who recorded 2 CDs and performed at Folk festivals from Tassie to North QLD before going their separate ways. In 2010 Julie formed a jazz/ blues duo with guitarist Sugar Cane Slim and earned the nick name Mama Juju. Fast forward to 2015 Mama Juju and The Jam Tarts original line up Mama Juju, Vicky Velour (MacDonald), Cath McCourt and Trish Rodwell (Rockwell) got together to play at a party just for fun. It was fun, the music seemed to hit a spot with the party goers and we ended up with some more bookings so we decided to keep going!

Mama Juju & the Jam Tarts tea party.

The current band line up is Mama Juju, Vicky Velour, Trish Rockwell and Connie D and between us we own more instruments than we can bring along to any one gig. All of us sing lead vocals and work on tight harmonies for many of our songs. We also tend to swap instruments between us during our performances which adds to the action and mayhem on stage.

A fact most people don’t know is that all four of us play ukulele. However, we like to have a full band sound so the drums, bass and other instruments all play a part. Juju plays tenor uke, guitar, bass and harmonica.

Trish loves to play anything percussive from drum kit, hand drums, wood blocks to washboard and lagerphone, she’s even been known to drum on tractor tyres and kitchen kettles. Other instruments Trish plays when given the chance are harmonica, tenor guitar, baritone and tenor uke.

Vicky plays flute, piccolo, guitar, bass, kazoo, baritone, tenor uke, newly added keytar and pretty much anything she can get her hands on!

Connie plays bass, drums, harmonica and guitar. This year she surprised us all by picking up a solid bodied electric uke and playing some rip – roaring solos which is a welcome addition to our ukulele band sound.


What is on the horizon for us next?  We are playing at a wedding at Sirromet and there are a some parties of course! We are also very excited to be at two festivals in September – Redfest, and as one of the headline acts for the Friday night cabaret at  Brisbane’s own ukulele festival SPRUKE.  You can find out more about us at and

Julie Minto (aka Mama Juju)