Mick Angeles and Michael Willimot have just returned from the Pilbara, teaching and performing. I asked Mick how such a great opportunity came about and what they’ll be doing.

Michael Willimott and I were running the Ukulele Jams in Coopers Bar at the Woodford Festival.

We were approached by a couple who were impressed with our performance and ease with crowds and they asked if we would be interested in playing at their Nameless Festival in the Pilbara at Tom Price. We both agreed it would be fun but never thought anything would come of it.

This couple were the organisers of the festival along with their commitee. They contacted us again around March to re-inforce their request to have us perform at their festival.

To make it worthwhile as it is a long way from Brisbane to the Pilbara, and through conversations at Woodford, they discovered that we taught ukulele and added a further proposal. They asked us to teach the kids ukulele at Paraburdoo Primary School, Tom Price Primary School, Tom Price North Primary School, Tom Price High School and at the Wakathuni Community.
We will also be doing performances for the sponsors, a gig night and at the festival on the weekend.

Sunday we are being treated to a day long trip around Karijini National Park and gorges.

We’ll fly home Monday morning, leaving Paraburdoo at 9.00am and arriving in Brisbane around 11.30pm. Apparently the trip back is quicker … but not by much!

Mick won’t be home for long, he hits the road again early in September to represent BUMS Inc teaching Ukulele School and performing at Bony Mountain Folk Festival- 2018. More info here.


” What a great week we had Mick Geoff Angeles! It was more than a pleasure to have you with us in our amazing slice of heaven tucked away in the Pilbara. You have truely earned your red dirt passport and a way into our hearts!” Pilbara Geddes (Facebook)

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