Trybooking Tips and Hints

Here are some tips and hints to help you through the booking process. Please note the Trybooking page is mobile responsive and some elements may appear differently on different devices.

1. Get your financial members’ PROMOTIONAL CODE ready. (Hint: If you don’t have it, check your email account.)

2. Click the TryBooking link. Ensure you have the correct event. Then click BOOK NOW.

3. At the Session Times screen, click the date and time of your session.

4. Choose the correct ticket for the promotional code as instructed in your email.

5. Type in the number of tickets you wish to buy. Then click NEXT.

6. When the checkout page opens look for the Your cart box on the right OR if on a phone or tablet and if you don’t see it scroll down until you find the box. It looks like this…

7. Copy and paste the promotional code into the GIFT CERTIFICATE / PROMOTION CODE box. It is case sensitive. (Hint: Copy & paste from the email.)

8. Click APPLY. Wait for page to refresh. (Tip: Very important!)

9. Check the box again and it should be showing the discounted price at TOTAL. IF NOT click the X Remove and start again.

10. If it has all worked as expected and the discount has been applied go ahead and enter your purchase details. You may have to scroll back up to top of page.

11. Click PURCHASE which finalises the sale.

Once the sale is finalised the only way to edit the sale if it is not correct is to issue you a refund and you will be required to purchase again. You will be charged the booking fee again.  So please make sure all it correct BEFORE clicking PURCHASE!

For further assistance contact our Media Manager ().