NUMB BUMS jam for fun

NUMB BUMS is the longest running community band in BUMS. They practice every Monday evening at the Zillmere Hall. Pre-COVID they frequently performed throughout the year at charity events, aged care settings, kindergartens and more.

There are few gigs available nowadays so NUMB BUMS decided to create their own event and run a special jam for fun on one of their practice nights.

Monday 29 August
7.00pm to 8.45pm
Zillmere Hall
52 Murphy Road, Zillmere (near Merritt Avenue)
Parking in Merritt Avenue
Open to anyone and it’s free.

One of the fun things about playing in a community band is that you meet the same players regularly and players collaborate with each other and mini-bands form. NUMB BUMS will lead most of the evening with some smaller groups getting involved with open mics and jam songs.

If you were thinking of joining a community band, now would be a good time to come along and try NUMB BUMS. Over the next few Mondays, we will be practicing our songs for the jam and you can learn them too.