It’s been a dream, long in the making, for the inaugural BUMS Inc President, Bruce Uhlhorn, and past BUMS Inc Vice President & Secretary, Milton Scully. (I recall them first mentioning it around 2012.) But this year, Gentlemen of the Limit are making it a reality — an ‘out-n-back’ tour to raise funds for local causes. If you’re on the road in July, please rock up to enjoy one of their performances and contribute to a worthy cause.

The Gentlemen — Bruce and Milton and their mates, Noel Langton and Marty Silec — are taking their live show on the road to perform at outback towns between Miles and Winton in western Queensland between 10 and 24 of July.

Gentlemen of the Limit

Gentlemen of the Limit – Milton Scully, Noel Langton, Marty Silec and Bruce Uhlhorn

The Band

The Gentlemen of the Limit (GOTL) is a superannuated band of blokes — a kind of ‘Musical Men’s Shed”— living out their musical fantasies now that they no longer have to actually make a living.
For the past five years they’ve played their old stuff, new stuff and original stuff at regular gigs at West End’s Bearded Lady and a few other places around the traps.

Band Members
Milton Scully — Guitar, Uke & Vocals
Bruce Uhlhorn — Tenor Guitar, Baritone Uke, Banjo Uke & Vocals
Noel Langton — Bass, Guitar & Vocals
Marty Silec — Harp, Accordion & Vocals

Their  Original Stuff

Listen to some of their original stuff on songtrdr.

A Grand Plan

In early 2019, Gentlemen of the Limit played at a Brewery in Port Campbell along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Their “World Tour Of Port Campbell” was so much fun, they decided that a more ambitious tour was called for. In keeping with our humble musical ambitions, they resolved to focus on out-of-the-way places never included in real musical tours. “GOTL’s World Tour of Slovenia” and similar unheralded destinations were enthusiastically planned with the help of much social lubricant.
However, the reality of COVID forced them to keep their touring horizons more locally restrained. So, they’re embarking on a “GOTL Out-n-Back Tour”!

The Out-n-Back Tour

Commencing 9 July 2021, the 16-day tour takes them from Brisbane, head west across the black soils of the Darling Downs, up to Longreach, on to the outback red dust of Winton, then back to
Brisbane. Deliberately avoiding the larger regional centres, they’re focusing meagre musical muscle on smaller rural communities. Along the way they’ll foist their brand of original music and versions (we don’t do covers) to unsuspecting country folk from Drillham to Yaraka.

Brisbane to Winton (and back) Tour Itinerary

5:30 pm — Sat 10 July — Drillham Hall — a little west of Miles
6:00 pm — Sun 11 July — Charleville RSL — Charleville
7:00 pm — Wed 14 July — Yaraka Hotel — Isisford
8:00 pm — Fri 16 July — Union Hotel — Blackall
5:00 pm — Sat 17 July — The Birdcage Hotel — Longreach
4:00 pm — Tue 20 July — Waltzing Maltilda Centre — Winton
7:30 pm — Fri 23 July — Injune Hotel — Injune
7:00 pm — Sat 24 July — The Queensland Hotel — Miles

Charitable Causes

Along the way the Gentlemen will raise money for various charities. The host venues were asked to suggest local ‘good causes’ to be recipients of the concert proceeds. Bruce Uhlhorn explains:
“In our retirement we like to give back, so our motto is ‘music for good’! We’re funding the tour ourselves, not expecting payment for any gigs (well, we will always accept a beer or two). Never ones to waste an audience, we determined that each gig should benefit the local community. Every venue along the tour is invited to use our performance as a fundraiser for their favourite local cause. Our kick-off gig at Drillham (near Miles) will raise much-needed funds for their local school.”

Charitable causes are a way of life for Milton and Bruce. In January 2011, the BUMS committee ran the first BUMS fund-raising concert and jam to support flood relief.

Muster Ukes, 2015

Muster Ukes, 2015 – Geoff Smith, Cesca Lejeune, Bruce Uhlhorn, Milton Scully, Tony & Sue Moore

Then, along with WeBUMS organisers, Geoff Smith and Cesca Lejeune, Bruce and Milton donated all the proceeds of their three Gympie Muster gigs (2013-2015) as Muster Ukes to separate charities chosen by each of the group members. In addition, following his three-year stint as BUMS President, Bruce worked tirelessly for Radio Lollipop, promoting the concept around the globe.

If you’re broadening your horizons this July, and you’re out and about in western Queensland, tailor your trip to take in an Out-n-Back concert or two. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If you see the Gentlemen of the Limit on tour or closer to home on:

  • Sunday 20 June at The Bearded Lady, 138 Boundary St, West End 4101, or
  • Sunday 27 June at The Chill Cafe, 7 Dickson Street, Wooloowin 4030.

please email photos and a review for the BUMS Inc newsletter to our editor, Peter Grace, via .



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