Out on Bail

“Out on Bail” New Community Band

With the closure of “The CAGE” some past members have embarked on a new venture with a new community band. We adopted the name “Out on Bail” (because we’re out of the cage) and  been began rehearsing in early December 2020. “Out on Bail” is a performance-focused community band, giving an opportunity for beginners and advanced players to be involved with a progressive and exciting new project. COVID restrictions can’t last forever and uke festivals will return. When they do, “Out on Bail” will be there!

Band Focus

To stand out from the crowd our musical focus will be on songs that are not typically played on ukulele, offering a fresh selection of high energy material for our members and audiences. Our initial focus will be on Pub/60s & 70s Rock and Rock Classics. No “Pearly Shells” or “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” here!

Rehearsals and Attendance

The band is led by Darrell Reeve, and rehearsals are currently held in his private studio in Rocklea every Sunday afternoon 2:00 ’till 4:00 pm (excluding the 1st Sunday of the month). While attendance each week is ideal, we understand that our members have lives outside music. Sometimes family or life’s commitments will have to take priority. With this in mind, we’ve set up our own dedicated “Out on Bail” YouTube channel where you can catch up on videos of rehearsals along with tricks and tips aimed at beginners and advanced players alike.

Who can be involved?

“Out on Bail” is open to all BUMS financial members, beginners to advanced players. The band is a collaborative endeavour with input on song suggestions, arrangements and ideas both encouraged and welcomed. Song choices are made with all levels of players considered, so there is a role for everybody within the band regardless of your past experience. Currently we don’t have a formal beginners class. However, if the need arises, this can be easily organised.

We believe that there will be sufficient differences between “Out on Bail” and other southside offerings, giving an outlet for ukulele players looking for something different with a strong performance focus.

Expressions of interest

If you are interested in joining “Out on Bail”, or would like some more information to see if this suits you, please email Darrell at and we can answer any questions you have or give you more details for our next rehearsal.

Looking forward to seeing you there.