NUMBBUMS at SUNPAC 2020. Photographer: Stephen Henry.

Supporting performing members

BUMS supports and encourages community bands and affiliated performers and groups in a variety of ways.

These bands and groups all uphold and further the aims of BUMS – that is to have fun, develop our members ukulele playing skills and spread the ‘love’ of the ukulele through the community.

Our performing members and bands often lead sets at jams and perform in public at markets, aged care homes, Christmas events, charity functions, music festivals and more.

NUMBBUMS at SUNPAC 2020 Summerfest Concert. Photographer: Stephen Henry.

NUMB BUMS SUNPAC 2020 Summerfest Concert. Photographer: Stephen Henry

Community bands

BUMS inc community bands are open to all BUMS Inc associate (under 18) and financial members.

Currently NUMB BUMS rehearses on the northside, and three new bands are setting up in 2021 on the southside. The bands aim to provide a welcoming and supportive environment with opportunities for ukulele players of all levels of ability. They are great places to meet other players, practise regularly and improve your skills.

Many accomplished performers who you will see at BUMS events took their first performing steps in our community bands.

To find out about becoming a performing BUM, or joining a community band visit our Be A Performer web page.

BUMS Inc supports its community bands directly with practice room costs, loan of equipment, public liability insurance and a licence to play copyrighted songs in public.

Community bands must maintain COVID-safe practices such as social distancing and keeping an electronic register of members who attend practices for contact tracing purposes.

New community band for 2021 … soon to be named!

Affiliated performers and bands

Of course, BUMS members can perform solo, in ukulele ensembles or in collaboration with other ukulele players and musicians. These groups select their own members so are different to community bands.

Like community bands, these groups play for fun, to grow their skills and to spread the joy of ukulele to the wider community. They do not play to make money, though any fees from gigs might meet equipment or travel expenses.

Details of some of these performing members and groups can be found on the Book-A-BUM web page.

The Gigmeister

Max in full voice, West Toowong Bowls Club, Nov 2018

We often get requests for ukulele performances from the public, and these are managed by the Gigmeister.

Max Borchardt fills this role in 2021, and his job is to find the most suitable performers for the gig. The BUMS Inc community bands are given preference in this process.

If you are considering joining a band, contact the Gigmeister ().

If you’d like to hire a performer or a group for your event, visit the Book-A-BUM web page for more information.

Then complete the gig request form at the bottom of the page below the gallery of performers.