Interested in hiring performing BUMS?

Currently there are several BUMS individuals or groups available to perform for very reasonable rates. We can put you in touch with affiliated performers and bands (soloists, duos, trios or any combination up to an even dozen) for all sorts of occasions – comedy festivals, Australia Day celebrations, community events, parties, birthdays, weddings and funerals!

When you inquire about a performing group, please let us to know:

  • What type of event is it? (themed event, corporate event, private event such as a birthday party or wedding, public event such as a fundraising concert or open-air performance)
  • Where and when you’d like us to play? (time, date and venue)
  • What style of music would your audience like to hear?
  • How long you’d like us to play? (approximate set length)
  • What is your budget?
  • What are the technical and parking arrangements? (stage size, AV equipment provided, loading zone location)

Contact: Our BUMS Inc. Gigmeister at

Our Gigmeister will put you in contact with the performer/s of your choice so that you can negotiate event details and remuneration.

Community Bands

Affiliated Performers and Bands