The performing group previously known variously as : 4 Drink Limit,  3 Drink Limit and then 2 Drink limit may lead you to believe there is some instability in the membership, or that they are indecisive – or that this is a surreptitious presentation of medical advice in the public interest.  You choose, but do take the time to check out this bunch of blokes who love making music ( 4 such specimens pictured here) , stir in a few drinks then sit back and enjoy the sounds — or get up and dance!

Wielding ukuleles, guitars and some wind, Gentlemen of the Limit’s laid back fun musical offering has earned them repeat performances at the Brisbane Festival, the Gympie Muster and a few bars around town.

You will recognise some favourites amongst the folk rock, country, jazz, blues & rock ’n roll plus a whole lot of genre-defying original work.

Grab a drink or 4, 3 or 2 depending on your group size and whose shout it is, and sit back and enjoy the ride!


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