Cath (Jazz Hands) McCourt has been a member of the Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society (BUMS) since 2011. Cath served on the management committee in 2012-2013 as Gigmeister. As a performing member of the BUMS Big Band, The Bottom Line and Anything Goes, Cath has for many years represented BUMS Inc at ukulele festivals from Cairns to Melbourne. Cath is recognized by many as the BUMS bass player. Her contribution in this capacity has been far reaching. Her constant availability as bass player at jams, and presentation of bass workshops has been enthusiastically received by the BUMS community. Many BUMS bassists have Cath to thank for setting them on the Bass Way. Cath’s mentoring of less experienced bass players, has ensured a regular supply of bass players for BUMS jams and bands. Cath’s involvement in BUMS bands, coupled with her contribution to BUMS activities over the years make her a worthy recipient of this award.