Erin Harrington (Bachelor of Popular Music; Trinity Music College Cert V in Singing)
A singer-songwriter and performer in her acclaimed band Miss Elm, Erin specialises in ukulele, singing and keyboard. Having worked at Morris Brothers Music Store for many years, she knows ukuleles inside out, and enjoys adding weird and wonderful ukes to her growing collection. Erin performed at SPRUKE 2015 and toured interstate spreading the ukulele love to Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Perth. Erin became an official Lanikai Artist and Endorsee in 2019

UPDATE: 8 February 2021

Erin conducts one on one lessons online video conference style. For details phone: 0423 378 392 or email:
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• Flexible time slots available Tuesday – Thursday
• Phone: 0423 378 392 or email:
• Teaching adults and children (aged 6 years and older)
• Beginner to Intermediate
• 30min (trial only), 45min or 1 hour lessons Group or Private
• Private Studio – Inner city Brisbane area, Or on Zoom
• In person coaching available as well as zoom (subject to availability)
• Online group classes


– Also Teaches Singing

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What’s on in The Ukulele Rockers Masterclub:

The Ukulele Rockers Deluxe Beginner's Group program

The Ukulele Rockers Deluxe Beginner’s Group program is a fun and transforming journey for anyone wanting to really kick start their musical practice, feel inspired and experience what is truly possible. The Ukulele is used as a gateway for finding your own unique path in; healing, creative confidence, fun, joy, performance and so much more in our online community. This is an 8 week intensive program tailored to the goals of each participant within the group.

Starts June 14  if you would like to join simply click here .

Ukulele Rockers Live Jam and Support Class

This is our monthly group meet up where we learn in a group class setting covering all things Ukulele, Music, Technique, Strategies and more. Each month we go through 2 jam songs as well as connecting with other Ukulele Players in the Community.

To attend this class please contact Erin  or check out our website here-



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