A BUMS Inc member since January 2012, Joann has been an active member of the society from the outset.

Since late 2012, Joann has been the SPRUKE and BUMS Inc Media Manager. She is one of the main points of contact between The Society and the community, promoting the Society’s activities via our websites and social media and in newspaper and radio interviews.

As our principal event organizer, Joann is present at most BUMS activities, serving as the main photographer for our Facebook site. She also provides door support at Coorparoo and Northside jams. In November 2014, Jo organized unprecedented numbers of BUMS in Brisbane on Parade, and again in February 2015 for Brisbane’s Valentine’s Busk World Record. Most recently, in February, Jo masterminded the very successful Valentine’s-themed Trivia Night run as a fund raiser for SPRUKE 2017.

In addition to her events and media management contributions, Jo is one of our most enthusiastic performing members. Joann has been a member of NUMB BUMS since it was established in 2013, and as one of the band leaders she coordinates their practices and performances. Joann also performs with Trippy Hippies.