Performing BUMS at MUF, 2010

Melbourne Ukulele Festival (MUF)

Performing BUMS fly the BUMS flag at MUF, 2010

B.U.M.S. Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society – Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think)


Bruce Uhlhorn and Kahiwa Sebire, MUF, 2010

Bruce Uhlhorn and Kahiwa Sebire, Melbourne Ukulele Festival, 2010

The girls, MUF, 2010

Kahiwa Sebire, Dixie Scully, Judy Holdaway, Marg Renwood and Nida Cuzzolaro at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival, 2010

Milton, Bruce, Cesca & Dixie, MUF 2010

Milton Scully, Bruce Uhlhorn, Cesca Lejeune and Dixie Scully, MUF 2010

Ross, MUF 2010

Ross Clark on uBass, MUF 2010