Venue for the Westside Jam.

Rosemount Community Centre 620 Seventeen Mile Rocks Road, Sinnamon Park. Qld 4073.

The BUMS Westside Jam is held in the Community Centre of the Rosemount Retirement Community every second Wednesday of the month during the day.

The Community Centre is on the first floor and has air conditioning, a café for drinks and food, and access by stairs or a lift. Jam goers are welcome to come a bit early or stay on later to sample the offerings from the café.

  • COVID venue limit: 35
  • Chairs will be set up to maintain social distancing requirements at 1.5m distance.
  • Must have a ticket to enter.

Tickets will be offered first to BUMS Inc Financial Members, then to Associate Members by email invitation. Tickets available from Trybooking; link in the event listing on the News & Events Page IF tickets are available.

The cafe is open with coffee, morning tea and lunch available.


There is no parking onsite, however there is parking on the street.

Access is by walking up next to the construction site in front of the new 7 story building. Entry to the building is via auto opening doors with the option of stairs or lift up one floor.

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