Cath McCourt and Stephen Sandilands are the duo, Spin The Cat.

Cath “Jazzhands” McCourt has been a fixture around the ukulele scene for BUMS Jams and ukulele festivals around the country.

Stephen Sandilands has been involved with similar events but starting more recently.

During 2019, they were both recording online songs and Zoom jams, and as a consequence did a couple of online collaborations which evolved into Spin the Cat (an acronym of their names).

Both competent multi-instrumentalists, vocalists and seasoned performers, Cath and Steve try to put the fun back into performances by playing a large selection of songs from the 1920’s to the 2020’s.

Ukulele-based with ubass, tenor, baritone ukulele, the use of guitar to adds flavour. In addition they play blues harp, and a variety of shakers.

Spin the Cat is available for corporate gigs, parties, markets — you name it, we will have a go and put a smile on your face in the process.

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