President’s Report 2020-21

2020-2021 President’s report

30 October 2021

The last two years
The last two years has been tough for the BUMS Management Committee. I started as President in October 2019 with clear ideas of how we could make BUMS bigger and better for our members. By March 2020, COVID lockdowns had started and the whole focus of BUMS turned to surviving. How could we keep BUMS going?

All our attention was diverted into managing the COVID crisis. We introduced online jams, a special Facebook site for members and unique associate members and froze membership fees for six months. In September, we started running COVID-safe jams with limited numbers, pre-jam ticketing and social distancing. By Christmas, we felt we were getting back to normal.

2021 has not been any easier with short-sharp lockdowns and other restrictions that have meant jam and workshop cancellations. The whole process of arranging and running jams has become logistically more complicated with QR codes and contact tracing records. We tried to get a mini-SPRUKE festival going but were forced eventually to postpone it.

Management Committee
Thank you to all the Management Committee for their hard work during another difficult year:

President: David Pedler
The primary roles were to chair meetings, strategic direction, Society spokesperson, and liaise with external organisations. David has nominated for IT Manager next year.

Vice President: Angela McGrath
The role was to support the President. In addition, Angela played a major role in the BUMS Bazaar and support at various jams. Angela will be leaving the Management Committee and I thank her for all her efforts.

Treasurer: Lesley Allan
The primary roles were budget, income & expenditure management, and financial record keeping. I would like to acknowledge Lesley’s efforts in running popup shops and selling club T-shirts to build our sense of community in our BUMS community. In addition, Lesley organised all the raffles too. A huge effort by Lesley who will be continuing as Treasurer next year.

Assistant Treasurer: Sylvia Hunt
The role was to support the Treasurer. Sylvia has nominated for President next year.

Secretary: Keryn Henderson
The primary roles were membership, correspondence, meeting documentation, record keeping, updating and review of policies and guidelines. She has worked tirelessly over her time supporting committee members, jams, groups and members. Keryn will be leaving the Management Committee and I thank her for all her efforts.

Assistant Secretary: Peter Grace
The primary role was the BUMS newsletter editor. Peter was supported by Keryn and Jo. I would personally like to thank Peter for his help ghost writing The Riff. Peter has nominated for Secretary next year.

IT Manager: John Henderson
The primary roles were hardware maintenance, software updates, web domains, and support for online & offline applications. Amongst a plethora of IT related activities, we have seen three laptops replaced, two new monitors purchased, and three internet domains renewed. John will be leaving the Management Committee and I thank him for all his efforts.

Gigmeister: Max Borchardt, supported by John Henderson
The primary roles were to liaise between gig requests and performing members. We received 14 requests for performers and bands during the year. A thank you to John & Keryn Henderson who supported Max whilst he was away for a few months. Max has nominated for Vice President next year. He will also be leading SPRUKE in 2022.

Events Manager: Max Borchardt, supported by Keryn Henderson & Jo Kunde
The primary roles were to propose an annual program of workshops & concerts, performer & presenter liaison, and event venue coordinator. Five workshops have been held (or are planned) since the easing of COVID restrictions. During this period, Keryn and Jo supported these roles whilst Max was away for a few months. I would also like to thank all the workshop providers.

Media Manager: Jo Kunde
The primary roles were to promote the Society’s activities, manage BUMS Facebook & BUMS Online, TryBooking and coordinate content for publications & websites. This is a huge task and Jo works tirelessly navigating all the continuous change that has been happening – thank you. Jo will be continuing as Media Manager next year.

Festival Director: Dave McGrath (until May 2021); Liz Crunkhorn (unofficial)
The primary roles were festival committee chair, festival spokesperson, report to Management Committee, and seek approval for budget, venue and program. Dave was not able to continue after May. Liz offered her services and in just three weeks developed the structure, venues and program for a mini-SPRUKE in 2021. After much deliberation, the committee decided to postpone the event until 2022.

Thanks to the efforts of Dave and Keryn, BUMS received a grant for $30,000 to spend on SPRUKE. As SPRUKE is now in 2022, we will now be able to utilise all these funds. You will also notice from the balance sheet that the money is already in our bank account.
A big thank you to Dave, Keryn and Liz. Also, a thank you to Morris Brothers and Binary Music’s ongoing sponsorship, and Jay Donaldson’s ongoing sponsorship of the SPRUKE website.

Properties Manager: Andrew Hunt
The primary roles were to maintain equipment, research and advise on acquisitions and storage solutions, update assets register, and coordinate annual electrical test and tag. During the year, Andrew organised the AV gear, making it quicker, easier, and safer to set up and pack up at jams. He also improved the quality of the leads for mics and equipment. Andrew will be continuing as Properties Manager next year.

Assistant Properties Manager: Stephen Sandilands
The role was to support the Properties Manager. Steve organising the test and tag activities this year. Stephen has nominated for Gigmeister next year.

The current committee started on 22 November 2020 after last year’s AGM. During this time, we have had five Management Committee meetings.

• Life Membership has stayed at eight, as no new life memberships were awarded this year.
• Financial Membership – We currently have 236 members, down from 284 members over the 2019-2020 period. With jams gradually returning, it is expected the numbers will increase.
• Unique Associate Membership – This temporary class of membership ended in December last year having attracted 258 members in nine months. The expiration of Unique Associate membership saw many members sign up for Financial Membership.
• Associate Membership – This is a free membership for people aged under 18 years. In the past year we have had one new member.
• BUMS Online (Facebook) Group – After removing unfinancial members, BUMS Online currently has around 150 members (approx. two-thirds of our financial membership).

Live Jams
Due to the continued COVID-19 issues, we have only been able to undertake the larger jams, and at times have had to cancel these jams during lockdowns. These jams are:
• Coorparoo – Jam Coordinator is Max Borchardt. 9 jams.
• Ferny Grove – Jam Coordinators are Linda Gough and Paul Morris. 8 jams
• Northside – Jam Coordinators are Peter Grace and Andrew Hunt. 12 jams.
• Westside – Jam Coordinators Sue and Peter Sercombe. 8 jams.

Thank you to the jam organisers and set leaders. Jo and Keryn have maintained the TryBooking systems, thank you. I would also like to acknowledge our jam photographers for the past year, Angie McGrath, Jenny Grace and Kaye Dort.

Community Groups
As reported at the last AGM, The CAGE and the Free Range chUKES concluded. This left NUMB BUMS as the only community group. The good news is that in early 2021 three new community groups started. The four community groups are:
• NUMB BUMS – established in 2014, is coordinated by John Low and meets weekly on a Monday night at the Zillmere Community Hall.
• Four String Collective – started by Ian Phillips and based at Corinda State School.
• The Sublime Ukelectics – started by Becky Lochel and based at Corinda State School.
• Out on Bail – started by Darrell Reeve and based in Rocklea.
Thank you to all band leaders and performing members.

COVID-19 Operating Guidelines
With further easing of restrictions by the Queensland Government, BUMS was able to suspend our COVID-19 Operating Guidelines in August this year.

Once again, I would like to thank all the Management Committee and members who have made BUMS successful this year even when face-to-face meetings were not always possible.

BUMS exists to have fun, to develop our members ukulele and performance skills and to spread the joy of the ukulele throughout the community. BUMS is run by its members. They volunteer in a myriad of ways – large and small. For instance, some serve on the Management Committee, some work as crew at jams and workshops and lead sets at jams. Some organise and play in our community bands or BUMS affiliated bands. All members spread the ukulele message just by playing it and sharing their experience with others.

As we recover from the doldrums of 2021, the fun and positivity of the ukulele can be a vehicle to get us all out and about again and inspire others in South-East Queensland. The contributions by so many people have been amazing – thank you.

David Pedler
President, BUMS Inc

Outgoing BUMS President David Pedler with new gigmeister Steve Sandilands