QR Code Tips

Check in fast with QR codes.

As BUMS returns to live jams things are a little bit different! As well as booking tickets online for the limited places available, BUMS Inc are required to keep accurate visitor details for contact tracing. Checking in to venues becomes the new way and to ensure BUMS Inc is compliant and to speed up that process for you we are using GuestTrack QR Codes.

QR Codes are simple to use and on the latest smart phones very easy. Open your camera or QR code app.

  1. Scan the code and tap to go to go to the website (guest.bglai.com) in your browser
  2. Complete your details, agree to the Covid-19 Declaration and submit
  3. Show your confirmation screen to the door greeter.

That’s it you’re in!

The great news is next time you come to any of our jams with the same phone/device, when you scan the QR code your detail will be auto-populated and you only need to hit submit to complete the check-in.

You can check-in up to 5 persons in one go.

Don’t have a smart phone or you are QR code challenged?

These QR codes can be read by the built-in QR code reader of all IOS and Android devices.

For visitors with older Android models which do not come with a QR code reader, you need download an external application before being able to scan codes.

Most of the QR code scanner/reader apps available on Google Play Store would work. We recommend the below two apps which have been tested by GuestTrack testers specifically:
QR Droid: View in Google Play Store
QR Code Reader: View in Google Play Store

Read more about scanning code with a Samsung phone here.

If you do not have a mobile phone or your phone fails to scan the QR code, don’t worry, our door greeters will check-in on your behalf using the “Check-in Visitors” function on their own device.

A few minute preparing for the new ways our jams operate will safe frustration on the night and help us check you in faster!

If you have any further questions about QR codes please email Jo Kunde via .